How To Care For Your Locks

Making the decision to put your kinks and coils into dreads is much like deciding to do the big chop. It requires patience, consistency and courage to see the results. Much like a TWA, you want your locks to grow but without the proper care, they will seize to look full, moisturized and grow. Here are 5 top tips on how to care for your dreadlocks.

1)  Treat them just the same way you did before you locked them!

A lot of people assume that because your hair is in dreads it will magically grow and sweep the floor due to little or no manipulation. However, as much as there’s little manipulation, your hair still requires the same moisture and care to grow.

Creating a steady hair regimen can help to instill consistency so as to see your desired results. Invest in good natural hair products that avoid any ingredients that could be potentially drying to the hair. Great examples are products such as: Dollylocks Professional Organic Dreadlock products and Taliah Waajid Pure and Natural products. You can also condition, deep condition and do a hot oil treatment under your steamer to infuse extra moisture.

2)  Keep those locks moisturized!

Our 4C kinks thrive on moisture and developing the habit of regularly moisturizing them could boost their growth. Thus remember that for effective moisturizing, ensure you chose a natural oil that quickly penetrates into the length of your locks, but won’t cause excessive build up. Great ideas are coconut oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil. Investing in a good lock and re-twist gel could help to seal in moisture without excessive build up. Avoid using thick or heavy products such as butters or creams as they will weigh down your locks and cause unnecessary gunk.   

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PC: Pinterest

3)  You can still put your locks into a protective style!

Yes you can! It’s still possible to apply crochet braids on your locks or put on a head wrap, hat or wig! Much like open hair, dreads are also susceptible to damage and breakage. Therefore, practice keeping them protected or getting them professionally styled so that the full length of the locks aren’t constantly exposed. But do remember to avoid styles that pull or apply extra weight on your edges as they’re still fragile and can easily break.

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PC: Pinterest

4)  Practice night care!

Much like protective styling, remember to sleep with your satin bonnet at night. The materials used in your bed sheets and pillow cases could dry out your dreads and eventually cause breakage. Therefore, invest in a good, large bonnet much like the Craving Yellow Satin Bonnet! It can hold in all your dreads and keep them protected throughout the night!


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