Want to Grow Long, Healthy Hair?!

Craving Yellow Masterclass

I love interacting with my readers, subscribers and followers! And one of my most frequently asked questions is "How did you grow your hair so long?! Can you teach me?"

Yes I can! In fact, I'd love to!

That's why I put together my first Masterclass in May 2017.

The feedback since has been overwhelmingly positive, so I want to make my masterclasses a thing! :-)


Here's why I'm holding Masterclasses:


1. To demistify all the information online regarding natural hair care.

There are thousands of videos on YouTube on how to grow out your natural hair. Many of them, are by bloggers who are based in other countries and some of them even have conflicting information. Sifting through all this can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Not to worry, that's why I'm here.

I'll draw from my own personal experience as well as research to simplify natural haircare for you into bits of information you can easily apply.

2. To create a community that's #cravingyellowtoo :-)

The natural hair community in Kenya is growing fast. There are dozens of vendors coming up with innovative products to take care of our hair's needs. There's also a bevy of hair bloggers who are sharing their hair tips online, not to mention the thousands of Kenyan women who are ditching relaxers everyday.

At my Masterclasses, you'll get a chance to meet stylists, influencers, bloggers and fellow naturalistas to learn their top tips on caring for kinks and curls!

You'll also get to sample products from some of Kenya's budding hair and beauty brands!


Here's what to expect:

Craving Yellow


The joy of being natural is learning the exact products, styles, and techniques that work for your own unique head of hair! At my Masterclass, I'll answer your specific questions to do with hair loss, breakage, dryness, growth and much more!

Craving Yellow


Learn how to grow out your natural hair using locally available, budget-friendly products! We'll begin by unlearning unhealthy myths that have shaped common, Kenyan, hair care practices over the years. Then we'll dive into homegrown tools and techniques that will help you to grow your best head of hair yet!

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As our fros grow, we'll get the chance to hear from some amazing speakers and teachers. During my last Masterclass on November 11th 2017, we had the chance to hear from the above speakers! It was an inspiring, info-packed session! 


"Big thank you for this masterclass, we need many more for knowledge to take care of our beautiful, God-given kinky natural hair."


"Where have you been all my life, I loved it!"


"God bless you for the great work"


Here's a VLOG from my first Craving Yellow Class!

And another one from my second Craving Yellow Class!

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