Still Unsure? Here's Why You MUST Go Natural TODAY!!

Heya Pretty! 

Now don't get me wrong, while I write mainly for a natural hair audience, I know there are a couple of my readers who are still not sure about whether or not they should go natural. 

So hey boo, yes you. I see you. You who's sitting on the fence. I've heard your questions and concerns and I hope this blog post can help sway you in the right direction. 

Trust me, I understand. There's a lot more riding on your decision to go natural than just a few snips of hair. You may be wondering how your friends, loved ones and colleagues may perceive you. You may be unsure about how you'll look with your kinks and curls or you may not want to switch up your aesthetic. You may not want to give up the "ease" of relaxers as you run a hectic schedule and four-hour wash days are not your thing! 

I get it girl. Going natural can be a difficult decision, and its okay to acknowledge that you're still on the fence. But here's why you may want to go natural today:

1. Going natural may be better for your health in the long run

I once watched a documentary that showed the effects of chemical relaxers on one's brain matter. Extended use of chemical relaxers on our hair can actually lead to a darkening of the skull.

Believe it or not, our skin and scalp is an organ and it's more porous than most are aware of. A lot of what we apply on our hair has the potential to seep through our epidermis and get into our body. 

Needless to say, the very fact that relaxers are extremely harsh chemicals, should be enough to scare us away from applying them.

Seriously, in my head, applying a relaxer on my scalp is comparable to drinking a bottle of bleach. You may not "die" in the first instant but cumulatively, exposure to chemicals does have its effect on our bodies. 

2. Being natural gets easier with time

Having to relearn your haircare may seem particularly daunting at first. After all, its always been easier to leave your haircare in the hands of a professional stylist and not have to worry about it from time to time. 

There's a lot of information out there on natural haircare. It can be overwhelming.

There are thousands of blogs, even more YouTube channels and lots and lots of Instagram pages. There's a lot of information on how to nurture your hair and it may seem like to much to swallow too soon.

But that's why as naturals, we like to call it a "journey". We learn about our haircare as we go. And that's part of the adventure. As a hair blogger, I learn something new everyday and yes, I've been on my journey for five and half years! 

But trust me, in hindsight, I can assure you it has gotten easier with time. I've learnt what my hair likes and I've learnt how to nurture my own kinks and curls. It will get easier with time. 

3. Being natural opens you up to an entire wealth of knowledge

Honestly, when I first cut my relaxed ends off in February 2012, I, never in my wildest dreams, imagined that I would be here. Here writing a blog. Here making a living off of my hair. Quite literally. Going natural opened me up to the world of Media and Communications.

I've been able to contract my soft skills to some of Australia's most iconic brands solely because of going natural and the journey thereafter. I've made thousands of online friends and I've had the chance to really create a life I love.

In 2012, I had no idea this is where my path would lead. 

Many naturalistas can identify - going natural is more that just about snipping off your relaxed ends. It's about growing into yourself in your own unique way.

Going natural has taught me to take better care of my body, to stay conscious of my mental and emotional health and to develop a deeper and more refined sense of self. I've been exposed to a whole new world of fitness, healthy eating, wellness, creative arts and so much more! 

Seriously, why not give natural hair a go? It's a lifestyle that won't disappoint! :-)

Love and Sunshine, 


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