What To Expect When You Go Natural

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So you’ve spent months on the internet doing your research on natural hair- growing it, taking care of it, all of it! And now you’ve began your journey.

These are some things to expect.


Because of how curly our hair is and the number of coils on our strands, it takes so long for sebum to travel down our hair shaft hence the dry nature of our hair. This dryness makes our hair brittle and prone to breakage. To counter this you need to keep your hair moisturised at all times. This could be as simple as spritzing your hair with water every other day and sealing it in with an oil of your choice. Now for us girls with curlier textures you’ll find that even after doing this our hair still dries out so easily, so to help with that you can use a heavier butter, like the Vanilla Buttah by Craving Yellow to seal in your moisture. It’ll keep your hair moisturised for longer. Here’s a link to get yours http://www.cravingyellow.com/shop/vanilla-buttah-by-craving-yellow

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Now some of the videos and pictures you may have come across while doing your research showed these bouncy ringlets of curls and maybe even that’s why you went natural. What you will come to learn is that we all have different curl patterns and that not all will look the same. If you’re a 4C hair girl like me, those bouncy ringlets just won’t come out. But if you keep your hair moisturised, use a good leave-in and a good curling butter for your twists outs you’ll have the most beautiful definition ever.

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It took me 7 years to grow my hair to waist length. These were 7 years of being patient and consistent with my hair regimen. When you first start your natural hair journey you may feel frustrated because you may have expectations of very fast exponential growth but what you have to remember is that hair generally grows ½ an inch a month, and for us with coiler textures it is reported to a bit slower than that, so it could take you up to 6 months to notice any substantial change in your length. So don’t worry, just arm yourself with a good regimen, be consistent with it and trust the process, you will eventually reach your hair length goals.

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Be prepared to do your hair yourself more often than you did before. For, me once I understood how fragile my natural hair actually was contrary to what we’d been made to believe throughout the years, I found that my trips to the salon drastically reduced. I now preferred to do my own hair because I felt that I would be much gentler handling it than any stylist would and when I found a stylist that could do it, it was so expensive.

YouTube became my best friend and I would try out different tutorials until I became good at them and until now, 7 years later I still prefer to do my own hair. But there’s been quite a growth in the number of salons doing natural hair and the stylists have also come around and are now learning to style our hair with more natural hair friendly techniques. So if you’re not a DIY kinda girl like me, you’re still good.

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