Well Hello 2018! Here's What I'm Learning So Far!


Well hello there bloggey blog! 

I've missed ya! Happy New Year!

It’s Tuesday. 

And today I’m in good spirits. 

These last few weeks have been a little hectic for me. 


I’ve been pushing myself very hard. 

I’m a big dreamer and I am super-goal oriented. And for 2018, I’ve set myself some big big goals. Especially in my career and my personal relationships. 

I’m working hard on my dreams but heck, it’s not always easy. Pushing on long after the excitement has faded is the hardest part. 

And moreso, embracing my human-ness. The fact that I get tired, have my limits and need to actively care for myself at the times when I am working my hardest. 

I’m learning every day to be a little more gentle with myself. 

And by gentle, I don’t mean cutting corners, being lazy or overlooking my weaknesses. 

Craving Yellow

Being gentle with myself is learning to be completely honest with myself and the ones around me that I love so deeply. 

Being gentle with myself is calling myself out for times at which my actions have been driven by selfishness, pride and immaturity and so I have in turn failed myself and those around me. 

Because when I hurt others, I ultimately hurt myself. 

And so being gentle means admitting I am wrong to them, seeking their forgiveness and then moving on. 

Now on a completely unrelated note…

Yesterday I bumped into a really good friend of mine from childhood. 

I was standing outside Art Caffe chatting with my boyfriend on the phone, when she came up and was like, “Tabitha!” 

I was soooo happy to see her! I yelped her name in excitement and hang up on the boo! (Sorry baby!)

She was glowing, baby bump on fleek and all! 

And she’s due this week. How cool is that. 

Now if you’re like me - unmarried and with no children - isn’t it hella trippy that your friends are engaged/getting married/having kids? 

Like, we’re adults now and soon we’ll be paying school fees, buying school uniform and shoes from Bata, taking our babies for immunisations and what not? 

Craving Yellow
Craving Yellow

When did life happen so fast? I’m still stuck at Changez and Skylux. 

How are we now talking Makini Primary School, mara ruracio’s and what not? Heheh! 

Time flies. It’s like I was 18 and now I’m 30! Haha! 

Anyway, I guess all I’m trying to say is I’m learning to take life on my own terms and at my own pace. 

As I’ve shared severally on my blog and on my YouTube channel, my return back home has been one of the most gruelling life decisions I have ever made.

It has shaken me in more ways than I can imagine. 

I’ve gone from having a corporate career to becoming an entrepreneur and running a start up. 

I’ve gone from living in a two storey townhouse, to living with my parents again.

But I’ve also GROWN in so many ways. 

I’ve found his love, a healing balm. 

I’ve made a tonne of new friends. 

And I’ve been mentored in my entrepreneurship journey by so many older women that I deeply admire and respect. 

So maybe I should trust the path I’m on. 

As excavating as it is proving to be. 

I couldn’t be more emotionally healthy than I have found myself to be since I moved back home. 

And for that I’m thankful. 

Craving Yellow
Craving Yellow

Happy Tuesday! 

Love and Sunshine,


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