To Big Chop or To Transition: The Big Question

PC: YouTube: Latoya Cordner

PC: YouTube: Latoya Cordner

To Big Chop or To Transition: The Big Question

I feel like the natural hair journey is a beautiful and personal one that we choose to embark on and that’s why I feel how we start it matters a lot. The two ways to do it is either to big chop or to transition. One is instant while the other is gradual and which one you choose depends on your personal preference, what makes you feel most comfortable, because both bring with it some change.

I’m going to discuss some pros and cons for each option and hopefully it’ll help you make your decision.

The Big Chop

The big chop involves cutting off all your relaxed hair immediately. Shave it all off and boom, you’re in the movement! For the already natural sisters, this could also be when you decide to cut off all your heat damaged hair and begin caring for your natural hair a fresh.

This route can be a little daunting for most of us, because lets be real, most of us haven’t had a TWA( Tiny Weeny  Afro) for as long as we can remember and we just don’t know how we’ll look like in one, but I feel like, this is also the most liberating option.

Shaving off all your relaxed ends allows you to learn and grow with your hair and learn also appreciate it. From the first day, you allow yourself to fully concentrate on your natural hair and learn techniques and products that work for it.

Now having short hair may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s why the Big Chop may not be a favorite for all. Styling options may also seem a little more limited especially in the first few months, when your hair is still very short. But don’t let this deter you because you can find so much inspiration on YouTube for many different hairstyles on short hair

Long Term Transitioning

Now transitioning unlike the Big Chop involves allowing your relaxed hair to grow out and gradually snipping it off. Now this could go on until your natural hair grows to a length that you are comfortable with then you snip off the relaxed ends or it could go on until you gradually snip off all your relaxed ends.

The biggest pro to this option is that it is not that much of a big change because you still get to keep some length. You’ll still be able to rock the styles that you used to (in a healthier was of course) because you still have the inches to do it.

The challenge comes in when you have to now manage two textures.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 2.45.19 PM.png

You’ll have to ditch a lot of the products and techniques that you used to use while relaxed because now you have to care for your healthy growth and your damaged relaxed ends. The urge to constantly straighten your hair to have the two textures looking similar will be reeeaal! But guuurl you have to stay committed to the journey. Have your eyes fixed on the prize, which is having healthy natural hair.

You can protective style, rock bantu knots and use other styling methods that you can find on YouTube and the internet at large during the transitioning period to help make the process easier. You’ll also have to be extra gentle with your hair because the line of demarcation (where your natural hair meets your relaxed hair) is very week and any tension put to it might cause breakage.

I hope this post will help you when making your decision to go back to your roots. If you’ve already done it, please let me know which route you took. I’m sending you lots of love and sunshine.

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