Here are 3 C's I'm Choosing For A Happier Life!!


It’s amazing just how much good a couple of months at home has done to my soul.

I’ll admit I was super nervous about making the permanent move back home after being in and out of the country of for almost a decade. But I'm easing into things now and here are few ways I'm choosing and creating a happier life I love!

1. Categorise

I woke up this morning and read a tweet by Diddy - “If you’re not motivating me, praying for me, loving me or trying to get money with me…you’re a distraction.” 

Can I hear an “AMEN!” Hehe!

I don’t know about you but I am thoroughly enjoying this period of my life in which I am narrowing down my friends list. 

When I was younger, I had over a dozen people I’d hang out with regularly.

Maybe life was simpler then. Maybe more pure.

But as life has layered on its complexities, I’m more than content with the TWO  close girlfriends I have. Yes, two. Two is all I need.

They’ve walked through life with me for over 10 years and they are the confidants I run to when life gets rough. 

I’m allowing old friendships to fade and new ones to be rekindled. Life has its cycles and I’m learning to let go of people who I'm no longer aligned with.

If it takes us forever to meet up then maybe our friendship has lived out its course for now. In addition, if we have nothing whatsoever to talk about, then I don’t want to be shallow with you.

I’d rather we keep it moving.

Superficiality is exhausting. 

Life is offering me a new set of friendships to carry me into my new season. Girlfriends who are tackling the same set of growing pains I am, individuals with whom to bounce off ideas and grow.

And I’m excited that we are blooming together. 

Craving Yellow.JPG

2. Commit to excellence

I don’t think I’ve worked as hard in the past 6 months as I have at any other period of my life. I pull all-nighters regularly and I’m up at the crack of dawn.

If you’ve noticed, I’m working hard on Craving Yellow. I’ve established the Craving Yellow Class and the Craving Yellow Box and your response has truly been outstanding. Thanks so much! 

But it’s not been easy.

I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve almost given up! I’ve had to re-evaluate and re-strategise severally. I’ve had to take big risks.

I’ve had to let my dreams scare me a little.

But my journey has been exciting and challenging! I’ve learned by doing. I’ve learned to keep pushing, even when I’m tired. I’ve learned to wake up and go. 

This is the time in our lives when we must work hard. We must dream big. We must go for it. 

Craving Yellow.JPG
Craving Yellow.JPG

3. Crash

Rest. Reset. Repeat. 

I’m preaching to myself here. Busy seasons can bring on positive stress.

In as much as the past 6 months have been some of my most busy, they’ve also been some of my most rewarding. I’ve seen my dreams come to birth.

I’ve hang out with whole host of amazing individuals from CEOs and Managing Directors to my beloved cousins with whom I share a grandmother. 

It’s been busy. It’s been exhilarating. But it’s also been positively stressful. 

So I’m learning to pace myself. 

To break time into chunks. To have on and off moments. Just this past weekend, I took some time away and spent 3 days completely phone free. It was liberating. I needed to slow down to a complete stop after 8 weeks of working hard on the Box and the Class. 

I’m human, my body has its limits and I’m striving to take better care of myself by taking time to crash. 


Dress: Kung'ara Store

Shoes: BackyardShoez

Necklace: Old, mine

Bracelet, Belt & Earrings: Mummy's :-) 

Lippie: MAC Lady Danger 

Wig: Old, but similar here.

Photography by Benjamin Muikiio


How’s your November going? 

What are you learning? Leave me a note down below, I’d love to know! 

As always, I'm sending you lots of love and sunshine!


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