Back To Basics: Styling Tools and Protective Styling Tips

Heya Pretty!

Thanks for sticking right through to the second to last day of #BackToBasicsWithCravingYellow Series! 

I've packed in lots of information over the course of this series. I truly hope that it will help you kickstart your journey to long, healthy, natural hair!  

Before we go though, there's one aspect of natural haircare that we must discuss: styling!!

In this video I share what I've found to be THE BEST styling tool for natural hair:

Styling Tools For Natural Hair 

For more on this, click on this post that I did on my no-comb hair regimen.

As for protective styling, there's 1000's of options online. This video however offers a checklist that you can use when selecting styles that will support the health and length of your hair. 

How To Choose Protective Styles: 

Sunshine & Love, Love & Sunshine!