Back To Basics: Why You Should Stop Braiding And Start Wigging!

We made it to the very last day of my #BackToBasicsWithCravingYellow Series! Wohooo!! I couldn't wrap things up without talking about braids. Braids are one of the most common "protective styles" in the natural hair community, but I'm not a huge fan of them! 

Yep, you read that right! Braids may not be the best protective style for your hair, after all! You've probably never seen me with hair extensions right? There's a reason why! 

I'll let you find out more in this YouTube video here: 

(Pst - this might just be the reason why you haven't seen any length and health retention lately!) 

Stop Braiding Your Hair!! 

If not braids, what then? 


Yes, wigs. This post is full of shockers ei? Believe me wigs are not outdated!! If anything, wigs are a fantastic protective style. And therefore, more reason for us to explore the wisdom of our grannies. My grandma, whom I'm named after, wore wigs often. And underneath, she had a full mane of hair. Right up to her 60's! That was not a coincidence - wigs are a great protective style! 

Find out why in this YouTube video here: 

Wigs As Protective Styles


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I truly hope that you have found my #BackToBasicsWithCravingYellow series useful, thanks for watching!!! 

Sending you lots and lots of LOVE and SUNSHINE!!