4 Signs That Your Hair Needs a Trim

PC: http://www.the-coreport.com/how-to-reverse-heat-damage-on-natural-hair/

PC: http://www.the-coreport.com/how-to-reverse-heat-damage-on-natural-hair/

So many of us hate the thought of cutting our hair. Especially when we think of our hair length goals, it only makes sense to hold on to every inch of our strands. Interestingly though, trimming the hair makes it healthier and stronger inching us closer and closer to those goals. Here are 4 signs that you need to head in for a trim:

1.      Split ends

This is one of the most common and obvious signs. If the end of your hair strand splits and is left to be, it will travel all the way up your hair leaving you with weak and limp hair strands. So today, check your ends and if you spot any split ends, know you’re due for a trim.

2.      Single strand knots

This is one major sign for us girls with kinky, curly hair since our strands just love to cling on each other. The knots form when our hair strands loop around themselves or other hair strands causing a knot mostly during styling and shampooing. To help reduce them, aim to keep your ends moisturized and tucked in a protective style and shampoo and style your hair in sections, but if you do come across them, try to undo the knot and if it doesn’t come off, snip snip away.

3.      Chemicals in your hair

For my relaxed  sisters out there, apart from altering the natural form of our hair strands, relaxers actually dry up our hair leaving us with dry brittle ends prone to split ends. Ensure that you pay close attention to your ends and whenever they start to look a little rugged, just give them a trim. 

4.      When was your last trim?

If you cannot remember the last time you went in for a trim, then that in itself is a sign.We’re encouraged to trim our ends at least once every 6 months just to help keep your hair healthy.

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