Does Wearing Wigs Mean You're Not Fully Embracing Your Natural Hair?

Should naturalistas wear wigs? 

This is a very contentious topic.

Some naturals feel that wigs take away from the whole purpose of embracing our kinks and coils. After all, we went natural to embrace and celebrate our natural aesthetic.

Other naturals feel that wigs are a part of Black culture - my grandma wore wigs all the time and had thick GLORIOUS 4 C curls.

For some wearing wigs is a way of celebrating the diversity of hair styling practices that Black women embrace - be it cornrows, braids, crotchet braids, wigs, lots or weaves. 

I asked my Instagram family to chip in and here's what they had to say: 

@betternbeige The diversity (as you say) of hair styling is where it is at today. We are beautiful either way, no matter colour or style. Do your thang Ms. lady!!!

@gtsweets I don't think it's that serious. Sometimes you just wanna switch it up. It's just hair. 

@ms_wirewaist I think the world is incredibly judgemental and I wish we would just embrace different looks and styles as there are so many more important things to go ham plastic pollution in the seas and oceans and starving children around the world. Seriously people care too much about the most trivial things! You are fab with an added dose of gorgeous with and without your wigs! Keep doing ya thang. Xoxo

@vegan_nikky I think we literally should do whatever we want with our hair. The way black women are scrutinised for how we choose to wear our hair is so disgusting. You never hear anything about white women hair, Asian women hair...etc. Do you boo and wear you hair however you feel like that day

For more on this unit, see my Youtube review here :-)

Need I say, I couldn't agree any more with all these sentiments. 

Lesson of the day: DO YOUR THANG BOO! 

Love and Sunshine, 


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