New Year, Better Hair - Let's Set Some Goals Together!

Heya Pretty!

Safe to say, since it’s a new year, we can go right ahead and set new goals for our hair, right?! Whoop whoop!

Now, a few days ago, I sat down on my white leather couch and decided to take time to audit my hair journey in 2016. Yep! It’s always important to take some time to see what’s working and what’s not.

Here's what went well in 2016:

*Crickets croaking*…            *still croaking*

Haha! No seriously, when I look back at my hair journey – the only amazing part of it all was retaining my length and getting to wear some really amazing units as protective styles.

Here's what I want to do better in 2017 (and I'd love to set some goals with you!)

1. Weekly Deep Conditioning

Yes, I’ll admit! I went several weeks without deep conditioning my hair. Yikes! I’d shampoo and condition it but I didn’t always go the extra mile of deep conditioning. I know, I know. Trust me, I'm cringing as I type this. 

Looking back now, I can only blame my inconsistency on this: lack of planning. In order to deep condition weekly, and to do so without fail for a long period of time, it's better to carve out the same time every week to care for your strands. In the same way that I have to attend my weekly team round up at work, I have to take my DC'ing seriously. 

I've decided to DC my hair on Saturday mornings as I'm always at home and lazing around anyway, so why not slot in some TLC for my mane? :-)

2. Taking my vitamins

Again, I slacked! UGGHHH!! Multi-vitamins have always been an integral part of my hair journey but over the past few months I just totally forgot to take them. This time around, I am keeping my vitamins on my kitchen bench so that I have a visual reminder to take them every day. Click here to read about how I use hair vitamins in my regimen.

3. Henna gloss

I’m doing a weekly henna gloss to strengthen my hair. I’ve noticed quite a bit of shedding recently. My hair feels pretty dry and I’ve actually even had a short bout of dandruff! *Hides face in palms*.

I owe this change for the worse to poor hair practices (all the aforementioned). My hair loves henna and I’ve used henna to strengthen my hair for the longest time. (Click here for a YouTube video on how I use henna) I’m committing myself to doing weekly henna glosses for the next few weeks. (Stay tuned for the details on what a henna gloss is!)

4. Steaming my hair

I bought a steamer a while back – my snap fam knows! I haven’t used it as much as I should though. *Hides face in palms again* Steaming my hair as I deep condition, lifts my hair’s cuticles for maximum hydration. Seeing that my scalp and hair have been pretty brittle these past few weeks, steaming should do me a lot of good. (Here’s the steamer I bought)

5. Fortifying my deep conditioner.

Sometimes my weekly deep conditioner needs a little smn smn’ to give it an extra boost. While I LOVE my current DC – see my review here – I will add some olive oil and honey for some all natural goodness. See these posts here on the benefits of olive oil and honey for natural hair growth.

Have you had time to reflect on your hair journey in 2016? If so, what could you do better this year? Have you set any new hair goals for 2017? If so, what are they?



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