Refreshed, Grateful & Ready!

Craving Yellow

Well hello there bloggey blog!

I sure have missed being on here!

Mr. Instagram and Miss YouTube had taken over and I sure have enjoyed creating visual content. But let's face it, I also love the written word.

How are you??? Are you #CravingYellowToo?

Waahh! I'm sending you so many hugs! I honestly have missed my blog readers. Some of you have been holding it down since I started back in 2015 and we've always had so much to chat about in the comments section!

So seriously, how goes it? How's 2017 keeping you? It's been quite the year for me!

As you may know, in July, I made the HUGE decision to be based more permanently in Kenya for the next few months. There's nothing quite like home and when you've been in and out of home for almost ten years, home is just EVERYTHING.

Think a cold Fanta on a blazing hot summer day? That's what home has been. Refreshing.

So 2017 is here, rolling on. It's been a year of self-growth for me, and really really taking time to actively create a life I love.

(If you haven't yet, check out my most recent YouTube video here on why I'm quitting "blogging")

I've grown so much more into myself.

I have pruned thought patterns, clothes, things, people (yes people) and attitudes that are not aligned with my higher purpose.


I've decluttered my mental and emotional space. I've gotten rid of self-doubt, guilt, shame, laziness, pettiness, anger, name it.

I've spring-cleaned my psychological, spiritual, physical space too.

I'm growing into myself and I love it.

I love the internal process that I'm undergoing. I'm getting more confident in myself. I'm learning that my thoughts and opinions matter and I'm putting them on the table when I need to.

I'm learning to be more gracious with people around me. I'm giving the people in my life, the space to be themselves. I'm not fighting battles that have nothing to do with me. I'm fiercely guarding my peace of mind.

I'm disciplining myself but also loving so so hard on my journey. With all its flaws, triumphs, setbacks and successes.

This is life and I'm living it. As honestly and authentically as I can.

Craving Yellow

I've been up to a few cool (and nerdy) things!

1. I've been gyming!

Yes! #CravingHealth is back in full swing! And yes, I can feel the results already..hihi! My buns doeeee! Heheh!

2. I've revamped my blog layout!

Things are a little different around here right? I gave my website and social media pages a bit of a face lift. Ya know, did a little re-decorating. What's changed? Well on the top right you can access my Instagram and YouTube pages directly so you never miss out on my other posts. Wohooo!


3. I'm hosting a Masterclass in November!

Yaaayyyy!!! I'm so excitedddddd! My last one was a ball, and I've gotten loads of requests to host another one, so NOVEMBER 4th it is babes. I hope we'll be hanging out then? See the deets by clicking here.

But before then....

4. I'm taking part in "A Girlfriends Confidential Talk" TODAY!

It's happening TODAY (September 16th 2017) at Village Market at the Roof Top. Entry is Free. Victoria Rubadiri, Sharon Mundia and I will be talking about "Seeking Validation and Knowing your Self-worth".

Mine and Sharon's last YouTube videos touched on some of the pressures we've faced as bloggers and our desire to be our most authentic selves online. So today, we'll be going a little deeper and sharing a little more from our journeys.

You are most welcome, and I hope to see you then!


Lastly, I've been thinking hard about new topics I want to venture into here on the blog.

I love hair, so we'll still keep our hair convos going, but I want to talk more about "real life" be it relationships, establishing ourselves in our careers, dealing with setbacks, finding name it!

I'd love to know what you'd like us to chat about more, so please leave me a note down below.

Anyway, let me pen off, I need to jump into the shower and head over to Village Market for the panel in a few hours.


As always, I'm sending you sooo much LOVE and SUNSHINE!


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