Back To Basics: Hair Growth Rates & Products That "Grow"/"Soften" Natural Hair

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This has got to be one of the most detrimental myths that women have believed: that products increase our hair growth. They may be marketed as products that "boost hair growth", "promote hair growth", "grow your hairline"..etc.  Products cannot improve the pace of our hair, even if they say that they do so on their labels. Nothing can really speed up our hair growth. Our hair growth rate is pretty predictable actually. (Click here for my hair growth rate formula) Find out more in the YouTube video below: 

How Fast Will Your Hair Grow

Another myth that many of us have believed is that products make or break our hair. That is, that some products are magical and some aren't. This statement is true insofar as products support our hair's health. Products that are formulated with the right ingredients - read more here - will yield better results, but they are not the end all, be all of our hair's health. Good hair practices, (moisturising, protective styling etc) are what allow us to see length retention. Hair products are only effective, if we nurture our hair in the first place by moisturising with water and wearing protective styles that keep our hair from getting damaged. It will do us no good to have the best formulated hair products if we continue to abuse and torture our hair. Find out more in this YouTube video here: 

Products That "Grow" Your Hair


Lastly, this is yet another of those questions that I wish I wasn't asked that often. Only because it points at the heart of the problem: black women have been programmed to believe that their hair is "hard", "nappy" and that they need to "soften" it. This is what I have to say on this:

How To Soften Your Natural Hair 


I sure do hope that you've picked up a couple helpful tips in today's #BackToBasicsWithCravingYellow post!!! Thanks for watching, commenting and subscribing to my YouTube channel :-)

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