Stop, Drop and Recharge: Here’s Why You Should Pamper Yourself This Weekend (La Mondz Review)

Don’t you just love, Sundays?

Super lazy, super chill days. Lots of time to spend with family, catch up on some sleep, go to church or binge-watch your favourite shows.

Sundays are literally sent from heaven.

I love to spend some time – an hour or so - indulging (and by that I mean wholly immersing myself) in the simple luxury that is self-pampering. Ya know, showing my hair and skin a little TLC (Tender Loving Care).

Self-love is sanity, not vanity.

If you work as much as I do (60 – 70 hours/week) you deserve a break. If you’re studying for your degree, running a business or simply juggling lots of responsibilities, scheduling a break every week is mandatory.

One of my favourite ways to chill out is to do a facial scrub as I pamper my kinks and coils. So needless to say, I’m simply ecstatic that I came across La Mondz Natural Beauty.

Girl, take a sip from your cuppa and allow me to introduce you to pure luxury.

La Mondz is an Australian-based skin care line that uses locally sourced, organic and raw ingredients to formulate exemplary products. I received four of their goodies to try out, and needless to say, I’m nodding my head like “yeah, these goodies are amazing!”

Here’s my take:

1. Facial Scrub

Oh word, the first time I used the ingredients of this little treasure box on my skin, I was hollerriing.! I particularly love how silky this facial scrub makes my face feel. It leaves the perfect glow and really refreshes my skin. It’s formulated with bits of hibiscus and smells divine. It’s definitely a keeper this one.

Ingredients: White sugar, aloe vera, vitamin E, almond oil, hibiscus, reship, Lavender Lemon Pitchouli EO

2. Body Scrub

Okay, hold up! Again, Where have these products been all my (Australian) life? La Mondz body scrub is very rich. The last body scrub I used left a white mask on my skin. Yikes. But La Mondz body scrub, just like the Facial Scrub, really smooths my skin. It leaves me with nothing short of a golden glow.

Ingredients: Raw sugar, aloe vera, vitamin E, coconut oil, olive oil, lavendar and lemon EO

3. Hair Oil

Again, another winner. Trust me, when it comes to oils, I’m super picky. As in, super. So to be this impressed by this range, La Mondz must be doing something very right. This oil is light enough and of course, all natural. Win.

Ingredients: Olive oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, lavender/chamomile/rosemary/ylangylang/peppermint EO 

4. Hair Food

I always approach hair butters with a bit of scepticism. I tend to use oils rather than butters on my hair, particularly in this harsh summer climate. Let me tell you, Melbourne’s weather forecast is one of a kind. (Case in point – when I started this post, it was sunny outside, and now as I wrap it up it’s drizzling). Anyway, I digress. La Mondz hair butter is perfect for winter. It’s quite creamy and melts easily once applied to the scalp. It has several really superior butters that means it’s formulated to do what it’s meant to do – keep your hair thriving and growing.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, aloe vera, glycerine, vitamin E, cedarwood/chamomile/lavendar/rosemary/ylangylang/peppermint EO

To see these products in action, visit my Instagram page here.

You should definitely check them out, La Mondz Natural Beauty that is. They’re an upcoming product line but they’ve certainly started off on the right footing. I’m a huge fan.

I’m just about to sign off and go indulge in some much-needed self-care. What are you doing to pamper yourself this beautiful Sunday?

Sending you lots of love and sunshine,


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