I Found Yellow In November 2016!

Well heya Pretty!

We made it. We made it to the very last month of 2016. What a year it's been.

November came and went in the blink of an eye. And yet again, just as I have in previous months, I found yellow.

I found love and sunshine.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't live a perfect life. I make mistakes. I hurt those who love me the most. I stumble and fall. I get tired. I'm human. Very human.

But Craving Yellow, to me, really is a way of creating a life I love. Craving Yellow is finding sunshine in every single experience life allows me to have. Craving Yellow is exploring the fullness of life, with all its ups and downs.

November was a month of newness.

I started a new job

It was all rather unplanned, almost accidental. I wasn't planning to leave my old place of work after just a year with the company but a conversation with my friend, Chloe, inspired me to see what the market was offering. Lucky for me, most jobs in Melbourne are hosted on web portals like Indeed.com and Seek.com.au so finding opportunities is pretty easy.

The interview process was seamless and within a week of submitting my applications I was offered a job. Adjusting to my new role has been a lot simpler this time around. As I know have local knowledge, I’ve not only found it waaayy easier to interact with my colleagues but also I’ve been more confident in putting my ideas forward to my team. 

(Also, the pay rise has been dope! Haha! #AGirlsGottaEat) 

I’ve found renewed strength

I took time to work on my mental health. I will not lie. August, September and October were probably the most emotionally gruelling months of my entire life. Gruelling, in fact seems like an understatement. I’ve never had to be as strong as I’ve been these past few months.

I didn’t even know I had it within me to get through what I did. On many occasions, I felt like my inner person was paper thin, supported mostly by my mother’s love and by the relentless encouragement of my bestie Jordana. I cried more tears than I’ve possibly ever cried in my whole life. I dragged myself to work, did my best to engage with you on the blog. And somehow, I found renewed strength. I made it through God’s Grace.

And so November, was a month of healing. I found grace to forgive myself. I found renewed hope. I started to smile and laugh again. Like genuinely. I felt alive. I overcame myself. My anxieties. I put my struggles in perspective and carved out a path for myself. I found strength in depths I never knew I had within me.

I fell in love with all of life again

I spent some time at my sister’s house. There is really nothing quite like a sister’s love. She keeps me going. We laugh and goss for hours on end just like we did when we were little. When I didn’t have it within me to be in my little apartment, she'd let me squeeze into her home. Her husband, four children and all. No trust me, I have my own little corner in her home. It’s special. Having her here has been therapy. I’ve felt healed. By her love and her listening ear.

And so December is here. In 2 days I turn 26. Christmas bells are ringing. Summer is rolling in. I feel set free. I feel alive again. I’m healing. Everyday finding yet more treasure in the seemingly mundane tasks of life. I’m learning to love again. I’m seeking balance. I’m excited to be here. Right here. Right now. Typing away. Doing what I love to do best. Finding hope for life. Resetting and rebalancing my inner mind. I’m grateful.

Did you find love and sunshine in November 2016?