I’ve Found Yellow Over The Past 26 Months - See You Soon, I’ll Be Back!

Phew! It’s been 26 months since I wrote my very first blog post right here on the blog. 26 months! And what a time it’s been.

140,000 online friends, 1,250 Instagram posts, 100 YouTube videos and lots of sunny days later, here I am.

When I started out, I was driven to share my hair and life journey with whoever would read and listen. I was living in the United States in Massachusetts, having just completed an 8 week internship in Washington DC after a year of exploration at Oxford University in the UK.

I was pumped, excited, full of vision and eager to connect with other young ladies across the world.

Since then, I have graduated Uni with honours, moved to Australia (yes, the land down under with them people with fancy accents) and this is where I am as I type this out. Here, sat in the bustle of corporate and suburban life. Living on my own in a lofty, two bedroom town house.

I drive around and shop for my groceries every Wednesday, like a grown woman should.  (I even know how to differentiate between rainbow and regular beets). Mama if you’re reading this you must be proud :-)

I’ve grown. Heck I’ve grown. I even have a pair of kitten heels in my closet. Kitten heels. Oh lawd. When did #adulthood sneak in? Heck I even wear sports shoes and a power suit on the way to work and carry my corporate heels in a plastic bag in my back pack.

Like all these grown folk I see every morning on the train, I’m trying to get my steps in. Fitness on the go is now my newest obsession. So I have walking meetings, eat sushi for lunch and take the stairs as much as I can.

I’ve grown. I pay rent. As in rrrreeent. Nah, get this. I moved to the suburbs from the city fringe just so I wouldn’t have to pay that couple extra dollars every week. I think I’m becoming a pro at this housing market business.

Okay, too soon.

(Ps- my headwrap is from Wrapologie – check them out here. They make gorgeous headwraps and headbands for children and adults. Girl, get yo’self one already! Haha!)

My friends are getting married. Some of them already have three kids. Some of them have completed their Masters. Many of my bestesstt-st heart-mates are spread across the globe. In Namibia and South Africa. In England and pockets of New England in the US. They’re chasing dreams in feisty San Franscisco, taking part in Graduate Programs and getting themselves into the rat race.

I’m here, running a blog. Working 60 -70 hours a week between the blog and my full-time job.

I’m spent.

I’ve been spent. I’ve been needing a holiday for the last 6 months.

And so, like any sane person should, I’m taking a holiday. For the month of March I’ll be away. Rejuvenating. Soaking up the giggles and tickles of my nieces and nephews. Listening to the wisdom of my father and mother. Cooking delicious dishes with my sister and Aunty. Chatting about all and nothing with my sixteen year old cousin, Tamara. Throwing shade with my brother Obura and his beautiful wife, Kelly.

I’m taking time out to un-wind.

And as a blogger, that includes taking time off to stir up my creative juices, explore new ideas, read new books, rediscover the simple beauties of life and assess why in the world I do what I do.

But I’ll be around and about the web, commenting here and there, sharing a few snaps and laughs.

So #CashMeOusside #HowBowDah

I’ll be back though. Before you know it and with a BIG BIG surprise on April 1st!!

I’ll see you in a few days!

Love and Sunshine,


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