I Found Yellow (February 2016)!!

I've finally put my feet up. It's 9.15pm on March 1st 2016. I got home at 6pm, rushed to my gym class at 6.30pm got back at 7.46pm and cooked dinner. It sure does feel good to settle down and cozy up with the blog. How you doing? I've missed you. 

Thanks for reading, by the way. I write for myself sometimes, but I know you're listening. I hope your reading is as rejuvenating for you as writing is for me. 

It's okay to feel like life's a rush - sometimes it feels like there's never enough time to do every single thing I want to do. And trust me my to-do list is from here to Timbuktu. But that's fine. We're getting by and it's March 1st. Another month has gone by. We've had 60 days of 2016 already. 

I Crave Yellow.

Laughter, Light & Energy.

Yellow is LOVE.

Yellow is SUNSHINE. 

I find yellow everywhere - in the laughter of children climbing trees in the park, in a soothing shoulder rub from Mr. T after a long day at work, in comments you write to me on my Instagram. I find yellow even when I'm overwhelmed by shades of grey or captivated by sweet, gentle pink hues. I find yellow - a groundedness. Zen. A centeredness. Yellow to me is energy, engagement and entertainment. But at the same time it is detachment, rest and solitude. 

I found yellow in February 2016. 

He makes me laugh. So hard. Belly hard, ribs cracking, throat gasping, tears rolling. He makes me laugh hard and loud. Unashamedly loud. Him. I promise I'll show you him soon. I just want to savour this moment a little more. Think Leo Di Caprio - now what's to look forward to at the Oscars? ;-) 

I found yellow in February 2016. 

Light. Lots of light. Sometimes we're looking for answers in all the wrong places, yet the answers are right before us. I found light to seek out an untrodden path and to keep my feet steady. Sometimes the only light we need is the glimmer that shows us where next to put our foot. I'm learning that I don't have to know where the path leads to take the steps I need to take today. 

I found yellow in February 2016. 

Energy. I've juggled 1000 mini projects. I've been on the run. 6 hours of sleep. A 4 day flu that I then passed to the boo and then to the entire office. I've found energy to bounce back to eating healthy and exercising regularly. Energy has meant actively pursuing new opportunities while cutting back and unlearning/relearning the basic principles of life. I'm re-prioritizing the most important aspects of life: balance, self-care, family and friends. 

How was February for you? What did you get up to? What did you learn? What did you unlearn? Did you find laughter, light and energy? Leave me a note down below, I'd love to know!! 

Love &  Sunshine