2 Ways To Make Your Wigs Last Longer!

Heya Pretty!

I hope your Easter weekend is going well? Mine sure is - I'm super excited about today because in exactly SIX DAYS, I'll be getting to meet so many of my readers and members of the Kenyan natural hair community at my Meet and Greet! Wooohoooooo!!! 

But first, I thought I'd plug in a few tips that have helped me extend the lifespan of my wigs. Why? Because wigs are one of my favourite protective styles and I've been rocking them quite a bit during my holiday in Kenya. 

Here's how I extend the shelf life of my wigs:

1. Switch things up. 

Please please please don't wear the same wig for 6 months. Trust me! There are people I know personally who have had to keep a wig on for 4 months. Gurrll. It's not healthy for your scalp or the health of your strands. Aaannd I'm pretty sure by the time you're on your 6 month, your unit might look like a mop. (Yes, I'm throwing shade! Hahaha!) No seriously, switch things up. Have two to three wigs that you rotate. As you're wearing one, make sure you wash and air the other. Which leads me to my second tip.

2. Care for your wigs. 

It goes without saying - your wigs do get dirty. They capture the oils from your scalp and strands as well as bits and bobs from the environment. Gently cleanse and condition your wigs just like you would your own hair - this is particularly important for human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs can sometimes do with a quick rinse and very gentle wash. There are a couple of good YouTube videos that show exactly how to wash and care for your wigs. 

Make sure to store your wigs away from direct sunlight and dust. You could keep them in their plastic packaging or buy wig heads in order to store them "in shape". Either way, keeping your wigs away from the elements prevents unnecessary wear and tear.

How do you extend the shelf life of your wigs? I'd love to know! 

Oh and don't forget - my meet and greet is next weekend Saturday April 22nd 2017 in Karen. All details will be on my Instagram starting MONDAY, so stay tuned!


Sending you lots of love and sunshine,


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