How To Grow Your Edges Back

PC: Instagram: @sobekwatwins

PC: Instagram: @sobekwatwins

Tabitha, my edges are thinning out! What do I do? This has got to be the most frequent question I get asked about hair. So many of us, natural or relaxed have experienced or are experiencing thinning, breaking, or balding edges and we’re all trying to find a remedy because gurrrrrl.. It ain’t a cute sight.


Now certain conditions like postpartum hair loss, stress, genes, chronic illnesses like lupus, iron deficiency anaemia, hormonal imbalances and scalp conditions like seborrhoea dermatitis could cause our hair line to thin, but sometimes it could be self-inflicted through bad hair practices eg: excessive and/or tight styling.


In this post I’m going to share 4 tips on care for and grow back your hairline, if caused by the latter.

1.      Avoid any styles that put too much tension on your hairline- Girl you need to say goodbye to that tight sleek bun that you love so much. The tension caused from pulling your hair back, and constantly sleeking down your baby hair back will cause your edges to break off. Also, when braiding your hair ensure that you leave out your hairline, because the hairs on your edges are so delicate and the tension from the braiding will yank them right off. This is the same for dreadlocks too. When having them re-twisted, ensure that your stylist does't do them soo tightly.

Traction alopecia caused by regularly installing tight protective styles. It is the most common balding disorder among women with textured curly hair.  PC: Instagram: @controlhaircare

Traction alopecia caused by regularly installing tight protective styles. It is the most common balding disorder among women with textured curly hair.

PC: Instagram: @controlhaircare

2.      Let your hairline be- just the way we are encouraged to use low manipulation styles on our hair, the same applies for our hairline. If you can, limit any combing, brushing or touching your edges. The more we leave them alone, the more they’ll flourish. If you must smooth this area out, use a good moisturizing gel and tie a satin scarf to lay down your edges.

3.      Give the area regular oil massages- gently massaging your scalp will stimulate the area and increase blood flow and boost circulation to the scalp and hair follicles thus encouraging hair growth. Using oils rich in Vitamin E e.g. Castor Oil for these massages will help nourish the area and aid in stimulating  growth.

PC: Pinterest

PC: Pinterest

4.      Wearing tight sleeping caps with non-satin borders- those elastic sleeping caps and stockings that we’ve been wearing when going to bed do more harm than good for our hair. Not only do they draw out the moisture from our hair but the elastic that sits on our hairline puts undue stress to the area and sometimes ends up causing breakage. Invest in a good Satin Bonnet with adjustable strands that doesn’t draw out the moisture from your hair and isn’t too tight on your head. The Craving Yellow Satin Bonnet is one such hair bonnet and you can get yours here! We ship worldwide!

I cannot emphasize enough the good that you’ll be doing for your hairline if you apply these tips and are diligently consistent with them. It may take a couple of months or more before you notice any major improvement, but it is definitely worth the wait.

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