Back To Basics: Hair Typing, Shedding, Breakage & Trimming

Heya Pretty!

This post is all about length retention. I'm kuku about length - my hair is about 18 inches now, but I'm keen to reach hip length within the next two or so years! Wooohhooo! And, no this is not a case of "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!" I've learnt over the years that there are four main concepts that you need to understand before you can begin to see some significant length. I'll let my YouTube videos tell all! :-)

What Is Your Hair Type?

You might have heard this terminology a lot in the natural hair community. Lots of naturalistas say they are type 3 or 4, some even add letters and say they are type 4A or 4C. Don't worry about all these numbers and letters though - hair typing is very comprehensible! It basically refers to your curl pattern. Find out more in this video:

Use this hair charts for a better sense of your hair type:

Shedding, Breakage & Trimming

If you're seeing a lot of hair in your palm or shower drain, you are suffering from shedding and/or breakage. In this video, I differentiate between the two and offer some easy steps to remedy these natural hair vices. Additionally, I offer tips on how and when to trim your hair. 

See this post here for more information on how to curb breakage!!