This Protective Style Will Help You Retain Length!! (Video)

Heya Pretty!

I hope your Thursday is off to a good start! My hours are waning because Australia is the Eastern-most continent, so its safe to say I had a good day! :-)

Anyhoo, I just thought that I'd share why I'm obsessed with two-strand twists as a protective style!! They are my go-to style for three main reasons: 

1. They are easy to install and take down.

2. They are cheap - no extensions or professional stylists needed around here. (Music to my student-budget ears!! Lol!)

3. They are easy to maintain - they carry me right through from the start to the end of my hair regimen.

This YouTube Video here goes in-depth into how and why I use two-strand twists to retain length.

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Have you used two-strand twists before? If so, with what luck? What are your favorite protective styles and why? I'd love to know! 

Lots and lots of love and sunshine!!