5 Really Important Hair Questions You've Asked Me on Instagram!

Heya pretty!

I hope you’re doing well? Geez, I sure did miss you! I’ve been away - I switched jobs and I’m moving houses soon so my days have been taken. #Adulting You know how it is: we always have to take care of ourselves first before we can fully serve those around us. Can I get a hallelujah? :-)   

Anyhhhuuu…! I had asked you to leave me your hair questions on this Instagram post here, and as always, I do my very best to make sure I can help you out with your hair journey by sharing my top tips and tricks.

Heck! Heaven knows it's not always easy to nurture our kinks and curls but I’m glad we’ve got each other’s backs. Right?

So in this blog post,  I’ll touch on the core areas you asked me about on Instagram. I’ve split them into five main topics. Feel free to scroll down to the section that most applies to you. I’ve also added links to blog posts I’ve written in the past that you might also find helpful.

Let’s dig in shall we?

1. Styling

You asked:

  • How do you prevent your two-strand twists from frizzing or make them last all week? 
  • How do you maintain your hair under wigs? Does the lace cause friction and hair loss?
  • What’s your favourite style for length retention?
  • Do you feel you retain length with or without protective styling?
  • My hair is short, how do I style it?
  • What’s better for trying to grow my hair and hairline? Braids, weave or clip-ins?

I answered: 

My favourite protective style is two-strand twists. I wear my twists in all sizes and I’ve worn them at all lengths as my hair has grown out over the years. Sometimes I part my hair in two down the middle and twist up either side and sometimes, I install micro-twists to last me two to three weeks. Doing so, helps me keep my hair stretched and tangle free but also makes my detangling and washing a lot easier.

When it comes to frizz, I don’t really fight it. Two-strand twists need to be re-installed every 10 or so days. Our hair is naturally curly and prone to tangling, so this time-frame is long enough to allow us to effectively protective style but short enough to prevent our hair for matting.

When I’m not in two-strand twists, I’m wearing wigs. I wear wigs, rather than weaves, as I find I can take better care of my hair as I protective style. I can easily wash and deep condition my hair as usual during the week and when I need to step out, I can throw on my wig. I only wear my wig for upto 8 hours a day to prevent excessive friction with my hair. To keep my edges healthy, I pin down my wigs along the periphery of my hairline. I avoid using any adhesives, glues or sticky tape as these are too harsh for our little baby hairs!

For one of my favourite wigs see this YouTube video here.

For clip-in extensions I would highly recommend, see this video here.

I have maintained length mainly by protective styling and I don’t think I could have done so otherwise. It is important to wear styles that keep your ends intact. Ends that are tucked away break less than those that are exposed, and this in turn results in length retention.

2. Products

You asked:

  • What are your favourite deep conditioners?
  • What products do you use?
  • What are your top five products for healthy hair growth?
  • I’m in Australia. How do I order products from the US?

I answered: 

For some of my favourite deep conditioners see this post here. 

I’m currently loving my Macadamia Oil Deep Conditioner which I reviewed here. 

I need to stock up on more deep conditioners so if any of my Australian curlsistas know a few good ones, please feel free to mention them in the comments below. As for ordering products from the US, good luck when it comes to shipping. Not only is it expensive but it takes ages - Australia really is the land down under! I’m still figuring out the easiest and most efficient way to get products from the US, but as soon as I do I’ll certainly share my tips! :)

I’ve used several hair products over the course of my hair journey and these are some of the ones I’d recommend for healthy hair growth. This list here includes some I've used time and time again over the years.

Now remember, not all products work the same way on everyones hair, so be sure to do more research before you splurge. That’s the joy of it all right? Find products that suit your natural hair, lifestyle and budget!

3. Breakage & Shedding

You asked: 

  • My daughter’s hair ends are really snaggly, frizzy and uneven. What should I do?
  • What do you do to prevent your hair from breaking?
  • How do I stop shedding? Is shedding caused by lack of moisture?
  • What amount so shedding is normal?
  • How do I prevent my hair from breaking?

I answered:

Believe it or not, I have a post I'd written about a year ago that answers these questions! Yaaayy!!! Feel free to check it out here.

(Prepare for a serious throwback from my life in dreamy Williamstown, Massachusetts!) 

4. Trimming & Length Retention

You asked:

  • After two years, I don’t see any growth like I used to. Should I do another big chop?
  • How to measure length without heat use? Stretching without heat?

I answered: 

When it comes to length retention, our hair grows 1/4- 1/2 an inch/month. This means that in one year you can retain anywhere from three to six inches of growth per year. The amount of length you retain over a period of time, depends on your age, genetics, diet and general health and wellbeing. For example, pregnant women may experience hair growth spurts due to their hormonal changes, and many have had their hair shed off after birth.

Alternatively, if you are stressed and unwell for some time, your hair growth may slow down. To optimise your hair growth, we need to eat and live healthy. When it comes to hair, what goes in is literally what comes out! Give your hair time to recover and give your body time to recuperate after periods of stress. You’ll notice a difference after a few months. I found that my hair really thrived in my third year. Natural hair takes time, be patient.

See this post here for details on my "hair growth formula".

As for measuring your hair's length, there are no rules. You can measure it along the length of your body rather than in precise metric measurements. 

5. Moisture

You asked: 

  • I have high porosity hair, how should I preserve moisture? What do you use as a daily moisturizer? Do you have a moisture regimen or a winter regimen?
  • My roots feel really dry and cruchy! Help!

I answered:

Moissssttuuurreee!!! Arrghhh!! The struggle is sooo real! Australia is literally a desert, so I totally understand what dry hair is. I battle every day to keep my strands alive in this extreme climate. The best way to preserve moisture in your strands is by spraying some water or aloe vera juice along the length of your hair and then sealing it all in with some Olive Oil. (Read more about Olive Oil in this post here.) Now the more extreme the weather gets the more militant you have to become about your moisturisation regimen.

In this post here, I discuss a method by which to saturate your strands with moisture. It’s called the “green house method” and its worked really well for my hair.

If you live in a temperate country, you may want to switch up your regimen as the seasons change. Extreme heat or cold can mean your hair is losing moisture at a much faster rate than normal. If you aren't replacing lost moisture just as rigorously, you may find your hair feels really dry and breaks like a stick in a flame. In this post here, I let you in on small tweaks you can make to your hair winter or summer ready!

The best response to extreme dryness is to examine your hair regimen.  What hair products are you using? What are they made of? How often do you wash and condition your hair? What are your styling practices? (Click here for a few tips on protective styling) With a consistent hair regimen, you are more likely to see length and health retention in the long run retention.

Phew! Now this has been one info-packed session! I hoped you've picked up a tip or two? :-) 

Sending you lots of love and sunshine!