Back To Basics Series: Sectioning & Deep Conditioning (Protein & Moisture)

Heya Pretty! 

Did you know that washing your hair in sections is absolutely crucial to length retention? Sectioning our hair affords us manageability. This in turn prevents matting and breakage from handling. 

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Why You Must Section Your Hair For Wash Day

The words, protein and moisture balance are commonly used by naturalistas! In case you're wondering what this terminology means, I've fully explained it below. 

What Is A Moisturising Deep Conditioner?

What Is A Protein Deep Conditioner and How is Protein/Moisture Balance Achieved?

Our hair needs protein to strengthen it, and it needs moisture to give it elasticity and prevent dryness. While our hair needs both in order to thrive, moisturising must always be our top priority on our journey to long healthy hair. I use protein on my hair 1-2 times a month. But I moisturise my hair daily, and deep condition with a moisturising treatment weekly.

Please see my regimen here.

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