A Most Sincere Spirit: Miss Turu is #CravingYellowToo!!

When I first landed in Kenya and let my readers know that I was in town, Miss Turu was one of the very first people to reach out to me.

She messaged me on Instagram and asked that we catch up over coffee. I was elated as she’s certainly been on the list of people I’ve wanted to meet for a long time. We met at Art Caffe the very next day! And need I say, we’ll be friends for life!!

And like good girlfriends do, we spoke about everything.

She let me in on what happens behind the scenes in Kenya's blogging space. To be honest, the blogging space in Kenya, as I’ve come to see, has its own challenges so for Miss Turu to be so graciously sincere and genuine with me, meant the world!

Of course, like all girls do, we also spoke about boys, our careers and big dreams.

We shared just how tricky it’s been to run our blogs alongside our 9-5s but we both agreed that our journeys had been more than worthwhile!

To be able to share our stories and our passions with so many young women across Kenya and the world is truly a rare opportunity. And despite the ups and downs, the honour really is ours.

Now this shoot right here was soooo fun!! Oh word! We got to our shoot location early on Sunday morning and we had a BALL. I think we giggled more than we posed.

It wasn’t just that we looked fabulous (very shameless plug!) but also working on this little project together has been such a fantastic experience. From picking our clothes at Vivo Active Wear to finding the right shoes at Backyard Shoez.

Miss Turu and I cracked very many jokes - our Snapchat fam knows!

I’m so glad to know this young lady! She’s one of the most sincere and genuine people I’ve ever come across!

Thanks Miss Turu for all your love and sunshine!


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