Brighter Beauty With Ayla GIVEAWAY!!

Heya Pretty!! 

I told ya I had something special lined up for you in the month of March! This post has been brewing for a while so I'm super excited to finally let you in on my most recent beauty find: Ayla!! 

Ayla is all about non-toxic beauty products for hair and skin. I'm a big advocate for holistic haircare practices that are not only good for our hair but also for our general health and well being. (For details on 4 power foods I use to keep my skin glowing and my hair growing, see this post here.) 

As a naturalista, I know the struggle that is finding suitable hair products that cater for your beauty needs without the added gunk of chemicals. I know the struggle is real, because I've been on this journey for almost five years and I've spent hours on end, researching hundreds of hair products not to mention dashed my precious cash on products that didn't deliver! :-( 

That's why I am super excited to let you in on this beauty find: Ayla! 

I LOVE that Ayla recognises that my natural hair journey is just that - a journey. Over time, our hairs' needs change so it's important that we change our hair products to meet them accordingly. Ayla customises product samples to suit your hair's needs and once you find what works best for your unique head of hair, you're free to buy full size samples!

Now how fab is that?! #EveryNaturalistasDream :-)

I received a sample of Boucleme hair products from them and after trying them out a couple of times, I've been really really impressed with my final results. 

These are the products I received: 

1. Bouclème Curl Cleanser

This product is non-foaming. You should have seen my ratchet self wondering why I didn't have any suds when I first used it! Looll!! Don't worry, I styled up, read the label and realised it was a non-foaming formulation. Yes hunneeyy! This means it cleanses without stripping our hair of it's natural oils.

2. Bouclème Curl Conditioner

I love how weightless this conditioner is. It leaves my hair feeling super hydrated without the added coating left by many conditioners. 

3. Bouclème Curl Defining Gel

I've faithfully applied this to my curls for the past two weeks and I tell ya, my curls have sung hymns! I love how this gel smells and I love that it infuses just the right amount of moisture to leave my hair pampered all day. 

It's a triple win!!

 I hardly let new products into my holy grail stash but I have to tell ya, I think these three made the leap! (If you'd like to learn more about Bouclème, see this post I wrote here.)

Now you know I had to share this goodness with you, so I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY to give you the chance to win a gift hamper from Ayla!! Wohoo!!

This is ALL you need to do to stand the chance win a gift hamper:

Nothing more, nothing less! 

And yes, this giveaway is open to ALL my readers!! Yippee!!

Feel free to take part as many times as you like and if you have any questions about Ayla feel free to let me know in the comments section below.