Back To Basics Series: Transition Or Big Chop?


So now that you've decided to go natural, should you shave off all your relaxed ends or grow them out slowly?? That my friend, is one of the hardest choices in natural haircare! Hihi! 

There's pros and cons to transitioning and big chopping!

If you're transitioning, you'll need to be very very gentle with your hair! The line of demarcation between the natural and the relaxed parts of your hair is prone to lots of breakage. Also, handling two textures might prove difficult in the long run! I transitioned for 8 months, and then big chopped when I had about 2-3 inches of hair. Over the course of my transition, I wore my hair in braids. The key is to wear low manipulation styles as our hair at this stage is very very delicate!

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Basic Definitions: Transition / Big Chop

How To Go Natural: Should You Transition Or Big Chop?