African Women Have A Lot To Be Proud Of!

I’m writing this post right here at Art Caffe, a buzzing coffee house in the heart of Westlands, Nairobi. I'm simply amazed. See I was never meant to be where I am now, doing what I’m doing now. You know writing blogs at Art Caffe on a Tuesday morning. Life as I’ve known it these 26 years has turned out to be so different from what I’d imagined it would be. And I'm learning to be okay with that. 

I thought I’d be in academia. Maybe I’d be a lawyer. In fact yes, I started out wanting to be a lawyer. Ask me 15 years ago who I was going to be when I grew up, and I’d say I’d be a lawyer. 

And then my dreams shifted base. They really did. I joined the Kenya Children’s parliament foundation and thought I'd be in Politics. I wanted to get into Development and Policy-making in education. That's when I was 14. 

And then somewhere between 19 and 26 my dreams have shifted 1000 times. I wanted to be a wife to him, and then maybe a designer, and then maybe a consultant in a big corporate firm and then maybe a hair blogger. 

I’ve been so many versions of myself. As I’ve grown into myself as a young woman, I’ve imagined futures, imagined personnas and lives I could see myself living in Kenya, in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in Australia. I’ve had so many iterations of my dreams. I really have. 

And now that I am here sat down at the Art Caffe in Westlands musing over what life has been, I’m filled with awe. Awe at the very fact that somebody like me, with a body like mine and with a life experience as diverse as mine, can have so many options. A black, African, curvy, globally-educated, 20-something woman in Kenya has more options than she’s ever had before. 

What a life we have ahead of us. A life in which we can create and curate new worlds. We can tell new stories about ourselves. We can navigate our own ships - be it in law, academia, business and even, most recently, blogging. We can lift other women, who’s worlds are only forming, with our wisdom and support. There really is nothing holding us back.

I deeply realise not only the divine responsibility on my hands but also the absolute privilege I have to be here. It's humbling and I want to do my absolute best to create a life I love that blesses those around me. 

I hope you will too! 

Love and Sunshine, 


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