My Twice Re-Twisted Method For Longer, Fuller Hair!! (Video)

Heya Lovelee!! 

I sure do hope your week has been fantastic! I recently tried out a new way of gaining more length out of my twist-outs and I was in LOVE! My hair came out looking a lot fuller and my length was a lot more evident. 

Now you know how much 4C hair likes to stay curly and coily! *Insert eye-roll emoji* Lol! My shrinkage is major - when my hair is completely shrunken, it can be 4 inches long but when fully stretched, I'm grazing 20 inches. Yep! The wonders of springy natural hair - gotta love it! 

In as much as I like to let my tresses do their own thing, I'm looking to enjoy my length a little more nowadays. This for me, includes straying away from my all-time favourite two-strand twists and experimenting a little more with my hair. Yayy! 

And my experimentation sure led to discovery!! My Twice Re-Twisted Method has delivered some stellar results when it comes to showcasing longer, fuller hair! And I sure aint complaining! So of course I had to let you in on my secret!

Watch my YouTube video here for details: 


How do you achieve hang with your kinky oily hair? What techniques do you use to achieve more lengthy, fuller hair? Leave me a note down below I'd love to know! 

Love & Sunshine,