5 Countries in 7 Years: Tips For Studying Living In Australia (Video!!)

Well quite frankly it's only been 9 months! Haha! So not quite the expert yet but I know a thing or two about applying to Melbourne University. 

If you're thinking of applying to MelbUni, think again. MelbUni was a nightmare. They took me round in very large circles and even lost my admissions letter. Lost it! In this digital age and in Australia of all places you'd expect good service. Their admissions team was very unhelpful and inconsiderate. #VENTOVER 

But actually, applying to Uni here was horrendous for me, find out the deets in this Youtube video: 


Here's a few resources I've come across that should give you some insight on studying in Australia. 

1. Click on this site for insider perspectives on Australia's Education System and Uni offerings.

2. This site here is government run but offers some great insight on student perspectives.

3. This site here is a directory of courses offered at all major Aussie Universities.

And of course, as has been the norm in this series, here are a few throwbacks of my time here in Australia: 

Many thanks to all of you who sent me emails with questions on my admissions processes. Each one's experience is different but I hope you now have something to go off of when you're applying. I'd encourage you to keep asking around, keep Googling, keep watching YouTube videos. The more you know before you apply and make the move, the better! 

Have you studied in Australia? If so, how was your admissions process? What resources did you use? Please leave a note down below as I know a few of my readers are really keen on making the big move to Australia for further studies. 

Thanks for watching all the videos and for your wonderful responses in the comments section! The adventure continues! 

Love & Sunshine,