The Start of A Season: I Found Yellow (April 2016)!!

**Insert squealing emoji** 

I have all the feels because I've not seen my bestie for an entire 21 days!!

Heyyy boooo!!!

**Sending you a virtual hug and many high fives and fist bumps!**

Geez, I've missed ya! Like reeaaally missed ya! By the time the 27th of April was coming around, I was ready to be back. I was literally counting the hours!

How've you been though? Like actually, how you doing? What's kicking? What's new?

I've been doing really well. Really well. If you hang out with me on Snapchat (CravingYellow) you'd have got a glimpse of some of the shenanigans I've been upto over the past few days. 

April was everything I needed, to feel whole again. I was really exhausted. As you may be well aware, the past 10 months for me have been a series of major milestones. I graduated University in the US having completed my honors thesis, I then packed all my nits and bits and moved oceans away to Australia, I navigated the intricacies of a foreign city including finding my apartment and my first full time job, all while working on a flourishing relationship with Mr. Man...Giiiirrrll!! The past 10 months have been a ride and a half. More like Hashtag Adulting!! If you've been around the blog a while, you've seen it all. 

Gee, thanks for being there for me.

For listening when I needed to vent, for encouraging me, for offering your suggestions, for offering advice, for sharing your own story. What are girlfriends for?! You've been stellar!

So April was a time to breathe, a time to reconnect with my new self and my new pace of life. 

This is how I found yellow in April 2016: 

1. My nieces and nephew! 

There's no need to say anything more! They are the cutest most adorable most loveable get it! They are just pure heaven. (Excuse my #AuntMode when I get super giddy about them!) I hadn't seen them in a while so you can only imagine my elation when I got the chance to sing ABC and listen to all their stories! 

2. The Beyonce and Warsan Shire collabo on Lemonade!

Now there's many things to love about the Lemonade album. Getting into it's full width and breadth could be the subject of an entire blog. But the most powerful aspect of Lemonade for me is the agency black women now have to tell their own stories. Agency to say it as they like it. I couldn't be more proud of the accomplishments of all black female creatives at this point in time. Heaven knows we've come a long way! 

3. Adventures on the Melbourne Star!

So Melbourne decided to borrow a leaf from the London Eye to make their own "Melbourne Star".  The engineering behind this massive construction was flawed for ages but they finally got it back up and running. What a joy it was to spend time with my friend Sally and her little ones! We got the most breathtaking view of Melbourne's skyline. Fun, fun times!!

4. The Soulection Concert! 

So Mr. Man is a super talented music producer and I have to say being with him has improved my taste in music! If there's one group of artists that he's particularly keen on it's Soulecection! They were in town for a tour so we took the chance to watch them perform live in person. It was bomb! 

As I've always said on the blog, yellow to me is love and sunshine.

Yellow is finding joy in life's most simple pleasures.

Yellow is celebrating your existence, being true to yourself and confronting life's challenges.

Yellow is dreaming endlessly, hustling, grinding and putting your best foot forward.

Yellow is loving on your self: flaws and falls, curves and contours, mistakes and lessons. 

I'm super pumped for this new season on the blog!! So much adventure lies ahead!!

But first, tell me: How are you? How've you been these past 21 days? Have you found yellow? Leave me a note down below, I'd love to know. 

(PS- Look out this week for a dope YouTube tutorial on a method I've found super useful for my 4C hair. )

Love & Sunshine