The End Of A Season - See You In 21 Days!! :-)

Heya pretty! 

How you holding up? How's tricks?

(I mean just how funky is that greeting! "How's tricks?"! You heard it here first but feel free to thug it from me! ;-))

Anyhoo, I hope you're smiling, soaking in some sunshine, beaming, slaying and plain goddessing wherever you're reading this from! I'm doing well. April has been off to one interesting start my friend, so I've decided to take the next 21 days off! Now trust me, this is not a decision I've made lightly.

See, I've been blogging since January 1st 2015 - there's over 150 blog posts on here, over 60 videos on my YouTube channel and almost 1000 posts on my Instagram page, many of which are packed with great hair tips and tricks!

Here's a few of my posts you've loved the most: 

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Most importantly, over the past 14 months, I've connected with you. We've laughed, chatted in the comments section, exchanged beauty (and life) tips and had a ball! You've made me laugh, cry and giggle from my end of the screen! How fun it's been! 14 months of life, hair and then more life. Thanks for being so real with me!

So after 14 months of being live - I'm taking 21 days off. Just 21 days. To listen to my heart, maybe make some art, travel about the streets of my new city Melbourne and just soak in the fading rays of the summer sun. 

I want to breathe again. Listen to my inner spirit. Sing loudly (and obnoxiously in the shower). Dance in my apartment or (at some really hippy pub in Melbourne). Stretch. Run. Sit. Read. Cook. Delicious meals. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. You know, soak in some love and sunshine. Soak in my existence. Rediscover my voice anew, so I can continue to share my life with you, raw and unedited. 

I'm also taking time to work on some really exciting behind the scenes blog projects - because this blog, and by extension you have become a part of my being and even when I'm on holiday, I can't help but be creative! 

If you'd like, please come hang out with me on Snapchat (CravingYellow). I'll be sharing snips of my shenanigans!! 

Can't wait to catch up with you in 21 days on May 1st!

Love and Sunshine,