5 Steps To A Sultry, Sweet & Strawberry-Infused Pampering Home Spa!!

Heya Pretty!

It’s Sunday evening here in Melbourne and this is one of my favorite times of the week. I’ve just indulged in a sweet, strawberry-infused home pampering session and my skin feels like pure silk!

I love to spend my Sunday nights simply soaking in what the past week has been and planning the coming week. For me, my home pampering sessions are when I get to think, rejuvenate, plan, relax and, of course, reward my body for all the hard work it does in keeping me going!

My home spa routine is simple and mainly centered around sultry scents. I’ve been drawn to fruity scents lately, particularly strawberries! I love that they're fragrant but crisp. It’s no wonder I naturally gravitated towards them when I stopped by The Body Shop a week or so ago to stock up on some goodies. 

Here’s my sultry, sweet and strawberry-infused home spa routine:

1. I soak in the shower for about half an hour! I sing, talk to myself, laugh at my own jokes.. the whole shazam. (I hope I’m not the only person who does this or you might think I’m crazy!) When my skin feels supple, I lather on my Strawberry Shower Gel from The Body Shop. I love that it’s soap-free and that it’s infused with strawberry seed oil. It’s sweet, fruity and rich, and leaves my skin feeling like I just stepped out of tropical paradise!

2. After rinsing off my shower gel, I apply a generous amount of The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Scrub. I gently massage it into my skin to exfoliate any dead skin, particularly around my elbows, knees and shoulders. This scrub has a creamy formula meaning it’s gentle enough to leave my skin smooth while stimulating circulation. I rinse off the scrub with cool water - I love how refreshed my skin feels. The tingly, icy sensation from a cool run, is what my pores need to lock in all the sumptuous oils from the Coconut Body Scrub. I then pat my skin dry with my towel.

3.This has to be my most favorite part of my sweet and sultry home spa: My Strawberry Body Sorbet. Imagine a sunny day spent basking by the beach, cool waves, golden sun, light breeze. Then imagine a refreshing strawberry cocktail with crushed ice and a dash of lime. Refreshing and thirst-quenching! That’s what The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Sorbet is to my skin! Light, aloe-vera based and sweetly scented. Pure heaven.

4. Next I condition my skin with The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Butter. Simply delightful. My skin sings. As in, it hits that note that only Mariah Carey can hit - that very last one on the piano. My skin sings, I tell ya. This butter is bliss. It softens, smooths and conditions my skin. I apply it from my neck down to the very tip of my toes.

5. Lastly, I gently spritz my Japanese Cherry Blossom on my bosom. I love how faint and sweet, yet delicate and fleeting this scent is! It’s feminine and fresh and blends well with my strawberry-layered skin.

Once my pampering routine is done, I glide into my wanzy and dive into my sheets! Sweet dreams and paradise await me in slumberland and I like to think my strawberry wafts make my sojourn lighter!
Ah! Pure bliss! What’s your pampering routine? What are you favorite products? I’d love to know!!

Sending you lots and lots of love and sunshine!