When Dreams Come True: Introducing Rapunzel The Future Hair Of Hair!

Hey lovey!

I've really been looking forward to sharing this post with you!

But first of all, how's it going? How you dooiiing?! :-)

I can hardly believe this is the very last day of June 2016! This year is FLYING by and I'm really excited about just how far we've come!! July is already looking fly and I can't wait to share all the exciting content I have lined up for you, but first, let me introduce you to Rapunzel the Future of Hair! 

I'm super stoked Rapunzel the Future of Hair reached out to me about their products. I've got to admit, I've been eyeing this line for quite a while now. As a naturalista with an established regimen and a set of hair practises, I've become rather adept at sifting through online reviews for products that could work for my hair. And one of range of products that's been on my list for a while is Rapunzel the Future of Hair!

Here's what's drawn me to Rapunzel the Future of Hair time and time again: 

1. Great ingredients! 

At the end of the day, ingredients are what make or break a product. I've said this over and over again on the blog. Don't be fooled by clever marketing boo, if a product is not formulated to deliver results, it won't. Simple. Before you purchase a product, be sure to read the ingredients list. Rapunzel the Future of Hair products have fantastic ingredients like Avocado and Coconut Oil as well as Mango Butter. Yum! 

2. It has a great story!

Rapunzel the Future of Hair was started by a fellow woman of color to meet the hair needs of women of color looking to grow out long, healthy hair. Now let me tell you, Rasheda started Rapunzel the Future of Hair while working full time and studying for her second Masters degree! Now if that's not inspiration for all of us still hustling in our first jobs out of Uni, I don't know what is! I personally gravitate towards products with great start-up story! And there's no doubt Rapunzel The Future of Hair has an amazing one. (Read more here.)

3. It's affordable!

Look, with bills to pay, your girl doesn't have too much wiggle room to accommodate over-priced hair products. (Insert slow eye roll! Haha!) So pricing is one of my main reasons why I'm pretty pleased about Rapunzel The Future of Hair. You can browse their products here to see for yourself! 

So now you probably understand why I'm really happy that I've finally received my complimentary products in the mail! There's no doubt this match is clearly made in heaven! The stars have aligned and finally, after almost a year of craving Rapunzel the Future of Hair, I have these amazing products right here with me! Eeek! 

Now don't you worry, I have a How-To YouTube tutorial lined up for ya! I gotchu boo! Hahaa! I'll be sharing exactly how I apply Rapunzel the Future of Hair products on my hair so you can see the results for yourself! I have a feeling you'll be just as stoked as I am!  In the meantime, hang tight! 

Sending you lots of LOVE and SUNSHINE!