Finding Answers To Life's Biggest Questions: Falling In Love & Building A Career

Being a 20-something right out of the parent’s nest is no joke! I’m really hoping my 30’s get less confusing, because at 25, I’ve had to wing some (seemingly) really big questions!!

I’ve been asking myself lately what really are life’s biggest questions on finding love and building a career. I’m not going to claim expertise here because I’ve only started my journey, but I can tell you this: I think about these two aspects of life A LOT!


On Building A Career....

What's the best way to live my life? What should I be doing and with whom and where? How should I spend the finite hours of my life?

These might seem like existential questions that may never fully be answered over the course of our lives, but that doesn't mean we should stop asking them! 

Here’s my response: follow your heart! As simple as that. If you’ve known me for a while, you know I’ve always wanted to study/build a career in international education policy. Then came the blog, then came love and for a while, it seemed like my life and career had flipped upside down. I’ve found myself questioning my decisions to move to Australia (at least temporarily) to follow my heart: my love for blogging and of course, to be closer to one of the most important people in my life. And I still, to this very day, to this very moment, think to myself “Australia of all places?! What does education policy and international development have to do with Australia of all places!?” But here I am, winging it! Life unplanned but at its best. And I'm learning to be okay with that. 

What I know is that while I don’t have all the answers now, I fully trust and believe that there’s room for all my interests to converge. It’s only a matter of time till I see how the skills I’m gaining now will feed into my far reaching foundational passions. I'm making room for my long term life goals, as I'd imagined them as a child, to change. I hope that you find the same to be true for you. You who’s a dreamer, you who's left the beaten path for one less trodden, you adventurer, you wanderluster. Hush. It will all come together in due time.

On Finding Love...

Am I going to get married? And to whom? And when? Is he the right one? The one I dreamt of all my life? The one I prayed for all my life? Is he worth my heart? Does he treat me with respect? Does he adore me? If he remained the same for the next ten years, would I still be madly in love with him? Does he inspire me to be a better human being?

Now let’s just pause for a second.

A moment of silence for all of us who wake up to 5 weddings and 26 gazzilion engagements on our Facebook timelines!!! Girl, the struggle! It’s too real. But it’s worth every second. I didn’t know I’d reach the point in my life when I would desire a life-long partner. It hit me all at once and now it might just be (a lot of) what I think about!

All my childhood friends would say to you that I may have been more slightly career-focused than love-struck when I was younger, but maybe the tables have turned? Yikes! I’m even scared to read those words off my screen!

To be in love is a scary feeling. A scary but most rewarding feeling. To fall in love - head, shoulders, knees, and toes; mind, body and spirit is one of the most difficult yet most beautiful aspects of young womanhood. To find a love so pure and genuine. A love so natural. It’s like my heart has been waiting for this all my life.

Oh but to be a young woman!! I like to feel like I flowed into love and love flowed into me. It’s a beautiful sensation. A desire with a bottomless chasm. But what if you desire love and he’s yet to come along? What if your heart has been broken after you’ve given it your all? What if you just can’t seem to find “him” or be found by “him”?

Here’s what I’ve come to understand about love and men: You can only begin by loving yourself fully. Learning to love yourself as a young woman is one of the most powerful loves of all.

To look at yourself in the mirror and have a quiet confidence in who you are and in your abilities. To look at yourself in the mirror and have a deep appreciation for how far you’ve come and an equally unrelenting drive for where you’d like to go and how you’d like to grow.

Draw all your love in, to yourself first. Lather your innermost heart with a forgiving love. Let yourself be. More calm, more grounded, more joyous, more content, more patient, more nurturing, more ambitious. Let yourself be. Only when you begin to love yourself wholly, can you claim to desire the love of a partner.

"Be present and have patience with everything that remains unexplained in your heart and mind. Try to love life's questions. Like locked doors or like good books written in foreign languages, respect their nature. Right now hold on to the questions - explore, learn and live your life. Perhaps, as you do, you will gradually find yourself experiencing the answers you always wanted." Marc & Angel

For all my divas who came here for the outfit, I gotchu! ;-)

Curly Ombre Wig: See my review here

Lippie: MAC Flat Out Fabulous

Bangles: Stylist Africa Australia, see my review here

Rings: Thrifted in Kenya

Clutch: Gift from my Aunt

Earrings: Woolworths South Africa

Necklace: Primark UK

Top & Pants: Zara, Washington DC (bought online sometime last year)

Pumps: Primark UK (I'd like to think Louboutin though! Haha!)

And lastly...

"Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own love. Honor your creator. Not by passively waiting for grace to come from on high, but by doing what you can do, right here on earth! "