Life Update 2016: Finding Love, My New Job & New Years Resolutions!


Phew! I don't know about you but Christmas and New Years have left me worn! All the hullabaloo of the end of the year, "holiday" has left me longing for a vacation.

But since I've only started my new job, I ain't got no annual leave yet! In that case, I'm spending some time this week recuperating. From the rush. From the hustle and bustle of life in Melbourne as I've come to know it. 2015 was full on - looking back now, I wonder how I made it through! I'm thankful though that we've made it to 2016 and I'm really looking forward to what this year will bring..I pray for lots of love and sunshine! 

Here's what I've been up to:

1. Spending time with my boo. Yes that's number one on the list. Haha!! Well, there's a method to the madness: we were long distance for a while, so now that we're on the same piece of land, we're thankful for every minute we have in person. I'm really excited for this coming year and I can't wait to (finally) introduce him to you! (Speaking of which, today is date night and we're off to the movies, so imma keep this post short! Haha!)

2. Adjusting to my new job. It's been two wonderful months of adjusting. Whoever said life after college was easy, plain out lied! Damn! I always looked at people who'd graduated ahead of me and thought to myself, "Darn! I cannot wait to be done with Uni!" Now that I'm only six months out, I cannot tell you how much I miss the convenience of 24H Dining Service! The struggle is too real, but don't worry, I'm not letting #HASHTAGADULTING weigh me down! Nah-nah! I discovered "meal planning" and I'm on my way to becoming a THROW DOWN DIVA! (If you hang out with me on Snapchat, CravingYellow, you saw my last meal last night! My colleague at work even mentioned how delicious it looked. Haaha! #YesImBragging #YesImProudofMyCooking #CravingCooking #ComingSoon)

3. Setting my new years resolutions. I've been thinking critically about these actually. Where do I want to go with 2016? If I had all the might to steer my destiny, what would it look like and how would I get there. 

Here's what's made the list of 2016 resolutions: 

1. Get my skincare regimen on point. I'm currently doing some major research for my skin care routine. I'll be sure to share it on here, so be on the look out. 

2. Ya girl needs to shed them pounds. About 12 to be exact. Oh the eternal struggle that is weight! But I'm determined to get back in shape. I'm after those toned legs, hunney! Anyone who knows me in person knows that toned legs are my thing! I LOVE toned legs!! Okay enough of toned legs! :-)

3. Work on my relationships more deliberately. I watched this TED Talk on what makes people most happy, and the answer was the state of their relationships with those closest to them. This talk is worth a watch. So yeah, I really do want to invest in those that have been placed in my mind. 


4. Get me finances in order. Did I say #HASHTAGADULTING! Oh yes, I'm definitely counting my coins and thinking about how to invest my coint! This is the time to be disciplined with our cash flow. The fruits will show later. 

5. Be present. Take time each day to meditate. Take time each day to listen to my own thoughts. Take time each day to honour my body and my existence. Treat myself kindly and with care. Forgive myself. Nurture a quiet confidence. I know those were like 10 action points, but I'm keen to abide by each one.

6. Produce amazing content for Craving Yellow. I cannot tell you how much I've come to enjoy blogging. I spent this weekend shooting and recording, so be sure to stay tuned for some dope posts! ;-) (Such a shameless plug, but yes, please do stop by again!)

7. Just live. Just simply live. Unabashedly and truthfully. There's only so much planning and hoping and wishing we can do anyway! 


What resolutions have you set for 2016? I'd love to know! Please do leave me a note down below!! 

Love and Sunshine!