On Finding Yellow In May 2016: Join my #CravingHealth Challenge!!!

June is upon us! We're almost half way through the year! What is going onnn??!! This year sure is flying by on a rocket..hahaaha!

As has become my little cozy tradition on the blog, at the start of every month I like to take a moment to pause and think about all the ways in which I found yellow - sunshine and love - in the months and days gone by!

Life's infinite momentum can have us rushing from one thing to another so its good to take time to pause. To breathe. To hush the voices with our heads. To inhale and exhale. To feel again. To ebb and to flow, just like the heart of of the deep blue sea. Ebb and flow.

 To examine our actions and motivations. 24 hours go by. Each day. Without fail, sunrise turns into sunset. We sleep and we wake and then we're back at it again. Chasing, pursuing, growing, challenging. Always forward, ageing. 

But if we stop, even just for this minute, to listen. What would we say?

Are our days filled with purpose? Do we feel fulfilled? Are we restless? Are we anxious? Are we bored and needing a new challenge?

This is a universal truth: life is fleeting.

Our days are but breaths. And that's great, because every single day that passes is another chance to really soak in our existence and embrace every step of life's journey.

Sometimes we forget, that we don't have all of eternity to live out our best lives here on earth.

Moments come and go, seasons pass.

We move from childhood to adulthood, making our way through school, then work, then raising a family, then retirement and finally old age. That's if we're lucky. 

So what are we waiting for then? We who are young, and restless and green and innocent.  Spirited and capable? Our futures are upon us. Our futures could not be any more present, eagerly awaiting us. Even in uncertainty, we must be filled with hope and the desire to make meaning of our experiences. 

Who am I?

What's my heritage?

What matters most to me? My family? My relationship? My career?

What are my foundational values and why do I believe these to be so?

How am I doing? How's my health? Am I nurturing my hair (you know I had to throw that in! Haha!)? But seriously, are you thriving or merely surviving?

How could I make better use of my time? Do I need to spend more time relaxing rather than trying to be a grade A student? Should I dedicate more of my time away from social media and towards reading feminist African literature?

What makes me tick? 

What are my strengths, and my weaknesses? What could I work on? How could I grow? How have I grown? 

And for me, this is the process of finding yellow. 

Finding yellow is finding a path to oneself. A refined and authentic path in which, given circumstances we may not be able to control, we choose to find light, laughter, love and energy in all we do.

Finding yellow is embracing gentleness and self-love.

Finding yellow is embracing our flaws and our strengths. Being real with ourselves. Being open to the world and to new possibilities.

Finding yellow is finding adventure in the seemingly mundane. 

Finding yellow is being deliberate about how we spend our days and how we choose to carry ourselves as young women. What we stand for and what we won't fall for. 

And so, in my own journey, I've been asking myself all these questions. And more.

I want to be most honest and open with you and I want you to know that with me your always at home.

No need for pretences. 

And so, I'll tell you this: as I crave and find yellow, I take the opportunity to revise my actions and my motivations.

And I'll admit to this, even though I'm a little nervous to let you in on this aspect of my life. I'll share anyway: I want to live healthier.

I want to learn how to nurture myself back to health by eating well and exercising frequently. Now that we're in June, I can wholly admit that one area in which I could find yellow is my fitness routine. My hair game is on point - hahaha!! You know I had to throw that in..hihi! But I'd like to be more deliberate about nurturing my body to health. 

Not because I'm in the public eye as a blogger. 

Not for vanity's sake either. 

But simply because finding yellow, for me, is about learning and living an all-encompassing self-love. Finding yellow is finding time to exercise regularly, eat healthy, sleep deeply and meditate thoughtfully. And I'd like to hold you to hold me accountable. What are girlfriends for right? :-)

So being that it's June 1st, I'll take the chance to set a half-way-through-the-year resolution.

A new challenge for myself. A #GetHealthyWithTabi #CravingHealth challenge!! I'd love for you to take part! Let's help each other out ei? :-)

Here's 5 easy (okay, not so easy) activities our #GetHealthyWithTabi #CravingHealth challenge will entail: 

1. Daily exercise of any kind - dance, yoga, swimming, aerobics or weight training for at least an hour. 

2. Drinking at least 2 litres of water/day.

3. Eating at least two servings of fresh fruit and one of fresh veggies a day.

4. One cheat meal a week (icecream, candy, fries etc).

5. Tracking our progress on Twitter or Snapchat. (Feel free to add me: @CravingYellow). Including daily or weekly check-ins. 

PS - If your physical health is on track and you'd like accountability on other areas of your mental/emotional health e.g.. (sleep 8 hours a day/spend 2 hours off my phone/journal once a week) feel free to join me as well!! 

"Be patient. Nurture your body back to health. Live without a care, full of love. Robbed in grace and joy. Meditate and resonate an inner calm. To love oneself is not vanity or indulgence, it's sanity."

Are you down for the #CravingHealth challenge?

Let me know on Snapchat or send me a tweet here!! Let's go back to the basics, yeah babes?. Let's love on ourselves more. Let's find love and sunshine in finding health. 

Sending you lots of LOVE & SUNSHINE..!