Spice Up Your Jewellery Collection With Stylist Africa!!

Heya Pretty!! 

I sure do hope you're keeping well!! It's January 8th. Amazing! 2016 is upon us and I'm really excited for what I have in store for the blog this year!! Kicking us off is a bomb twist out and two gorgeous pieces of African Jewellery I received from Stylist Africa. 

Ever since I moved from the US, I've been looking for African pieces to revamp my jewellery collection. Your girl is the definition of a hustler so when I left the US, I had to sell most of my African jewellery, only because it weighs a tonne and if you've travelled overseas, you'll understand that airlines take weight very seriously. Each gram and ounce counts! I figured I'd be better off giving up my precious African pieces because I could always get some more later. 

So you can only imagine my joy when I came across Stylist Africa on my Twitter account (Craving Yellow)!! I was thrilled at their artistry and their story. Stylist Africa's debut jewellery collection is all about contemporary design with unique finishes. I fell in love with their delicate gold touches and cut out details, all with an African influence.

As if that's not enough, each of their pieces is named after a woman who is strong, iconic, intelligent and unique. Their debut jewellery collection is named after icons such as Maya Angelou, Solange and Alek Wek. Each piece is a wonderful inspiration and a reminder to embody these qualities!

I just had to get my hands on the Solange neckpiece and matching bracelet because one, Solange. Two, Solange. Three, Solange. I mean, for naturalistas the world over, Solange is an icon of natural hair pride, creativity, and artistry. And must I add, the Solange collection has the most gorgeous shade of yellow kitenge cloth! We're a match made in heaven I tell ya!

Stylist Africa was gracious enough to give all my readers a special 15% off discount for all their purchases till 12 Midnight GMT, on 18th Feb 2016. You get to use the code cravingyellow15 for $$$ off when you shop on www.stylistafricashop.com !! Yippeee!!! 

Oh and be sure to check out Stylist Africa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@stylistafrica) for updates on their upcoming website www.stylistafrica.com, a platform for the latest in african style fashion, hair and beauty.

Anyway, let me get my Solange on..! ;-)

Sending you lots and lots and lots of LOVE AND SUNSHINE!