Natural Is Always Best: Introducing HJ Organic Secret Recipe From Nigeria!

Heya Pretty!

It's that wonderful time again when I get to let you in on an exciting beauty find! Wohooo!! Buckle up and get ready for this one: HJ Organic Secret Recipe is natural & raw and formulated to seal in the moisture in your hair and prevent breakage. 

What's HJ Organic Secret Recipe? 

It's an infusion of oils, pure herbs and vitamins specially formulated to support the growth of healthy hair by keeping the hair moisturised and strong. Ingredients include: Butyrosperum peak (Shea Butter Oil), Olea Europea (Olive Oil), Grade A Honey, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Vitamin E, Minerals, Omega 6 & 9, Fatty Acids, Protein & Lavender. 

Sounds heavenly! 

How does it work? 

HJ Organic Secret Recipe basically functions as a sealant - it locks in the moisture in your strand to keep it from breaking. When applied and massaged to the scalp it stimulates the flow of nutrients to your hair follicles leading to stronger roots. 

How should it be used?

1. As a scalp treatment: if you've experienced excessive breakage and hair loss, apply the recipe to your scalp, section by section and massage it for 1 minute for proper scalp stimulation then proceed to style your hair. Feel free to repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week as part of your weekly hair regimen. To avoid build-up use the oil sparingly as a little goes a long way. 

2. As a sealant: if the length of your hair is dry - feel free to spritz some water along the hair shaft and then apply HJ Organic from root to tip. You'll need to use only a small amount, rub it into your hands and apply it to the length of your hair to seal in all the moisture. 

My experience with HJ Organic Secret Recipe: 

1. Shipping was fast! My package arrived within a few days of speaking with Rachael from HJ Organic. 

2. It's lightly scented and all natural! Need I say more? Need I say more?! :-) I LOVE health-conscious companies that take the gunk out of natural haircare. 

3. It MELTS into my hands, like butter. See pics below for my "hand test". (Basically, a great hair product should melt into your hands and leave no residue. HJ Organic passed with flying colors!)

4. It's made in AFRICA. Nigeria to be specific. Again, need I say more?! I'm always inspired by companies that are home-grown and looking to provide local naturals with fantastic, natural hair products. My Nigerian naturalistas where you at? :-) 

For more information on how to purchase this product, feel free to email! 

Okay, imma pen off! I'm about to moisturise and seal my hair for the day with my HJ Organic Secret Recipe! ;-)

As always, I'm sending you LOTS of love and sunshine,