Your Instagram Hair Questions Answered! #CravingYellowCommunity

Heya Loves & Sunshines!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! Yesterday, I asked you to leave me your hair questions in the comments section of my Instagram post. Many many thanks to all of you who did and also to all the rest of you who simply double-tapped and showed love! I'm truly so so humbled by our little #CravingYellowCommunity on Instagram. It's been a fun 17 months and we just hit the big 50K!! I couldn't be more happy to have so many naturalistas and curlsistas on board! *Wiping away my tears of joy!* Hihihi! #EndOfSpeech 

Okay me loves, let's get to some serious hair business shall we?  I've listed your IG handles and questions followed by my responses. I've bunched similar questions together to make for easier reading.

@_peacelovelight_ What would be your number 1 length retention tip? And how do you get through detangling such thick and lush hair?

@__mumbi How often do you wash and oil your hair?

This is a tricky one, but I've found the most important step towards healthier, longer hair is a hair regimen. A hair regimen is a set of good hair practices and techniques you use to ensure the health of your hair. A regimen will include a list of products, in order of how they are applied to your hair as well as how frequently. It will also include your styling regimen. To see mine, click here. 

@mrs_atiku I'm Nigerian and have soft natural hair. I'm trying to grow my natural hair but its been 8 years and I've seen no improvement. I was advised to trim my hair every two months. 

Trimming "on schedule" has got to be one of the biggest myths about hair growth. Trimming refers to the process of taking off 1-2 inches of "dead" hair - usually the oldest parts of your hair which are the ends. On average, our hair grows about 1-2 inches every two months, so if we trim off the same amount, we less likely to see growth. You'd rather dust your ends. Dusting refers to the process by which you "search for and destroy" split ends as they appear. This is more for maintainance purposes. 

@randomrumblings02 How do you deal with breakage?

@amazingdebz_08 Been natural a year now but I struggle to keep my hair moisturised. The bottom of my hair is nice and curly but the top is brittle. No matter what I do, I get lots of breakage. How do I deal with this? 

The struggle! Excess breakage may be due to insufficient moisture or protein in our hair shaft. If our hair is very dry, it will crackle and break. If our hair is very weak and feeble due to insufficient protein, it's more likely to get damaged and break off. If you have excessive breakage you might want to go back to the drawing board and think about your protein/moisture balance. Remember, styles and products can be part of the problem too, so be sure to revise these as well. 

@thalitha_cumi I have thick hair, but it keeps breaking. It's very hard to comb. Which oil should I use, I'm in Zimbabwe.

@geekysynde How much breakage is too much breakage and what's your take on rinse off conditioners? 

Breakage seems to be the theme of today's questions in the #CravingYellowCommunity! Trust me ladies, I know the struggle too well! Ladies, please see my response above for more on breakage. This blog post here, might also be of help. In regards to oils - Coconut oil and Olive oil are my favourite. The more natural, the better. Avoid pomades like DAX that are made from petrolatum. Keep it simple! As for rinse-off conditioners - it all depends on the brand right? By rinse off I'm assuming you're referring to leave-in conditioners? I personally love Kinky Curly Knot Today. Leave-in conditioners add an extra layer of emollients to last us a few days. I'm all for them!:-)

@sweet_flakes How do I know what hair type I have?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions. I wrote this post a while back so feel free to have a suss! :-)

@nansnje I'm transitioning, did you do a big chop? I'm thinking of big chopping but I still want some length, any tips?

@sharonyego I want to go natural but I have no idea where to begin, I don't know my hair type, the kind of products to use and tips of managing my hair (my hair is really hard). You shedding some light on this would be really appreciated.

First of all, welcome to the good life!! Hahah! Natural hair is super duper fab! You'll be glad you started the journey! Going natural can be daunting at first, and you'll need to muster up the courage to take the plunge. My Back to Basics Series on YouTube is full of lots of information to keep you afloat during this exciting time. Feel free to watch it by clicking here. 

@vivalavida_365 When you hear about moisture, what comes to mind after water? I need this tip? Love you curlfriend

@orlando_jenn No matter what I do I can't seem to keep the dead skin and dandruff at bay.

After water, I personally love Aloe Vera Juice. Rose and Rice water are another few close favorites. I prefer to use them au naturale only because bottled/packaged ones may have added preservatives that do more harm than good. 

In regards, to dandruff and dead skin - this may be caused by several factors, including your hair products as well as your styling practices. What ingredients are in your shampoo/conditioner? Do you moisturise at least once a day? May you be allergic to something e.g. synthetic hair? If you're totally up to scratch when it comes to your moisturising regimen, please visit a dermatologist as they should be able to offer medical alternatives? I love me a great dermatologist! Who doesn't want relief from a chronically itchy scalp? Hihi!! 


@naturallytreena You have beautiful hair. How do you stretch your hair? What do you use to moisturise?

@queen_of_love I know you usually wear a wig as a protective style. How do you feel about box braids, twists and cornrows as a protective style? Just stumbled on your blog btw. You're officially my new hair crush

First of all, thank you so much! Y'all are making me grow a big head! Hiihi!! I stretch my hair using two strand twists. Please see these post and Youtube video here for details. Also, my full moisturising routine is available here. As for braids, twists & cornrows, hmmmm...! These are versatile styles as well but they've just never worked for me, that's why I stick to wigs. See this post here for more on how to effectively use braids and cornrows as a protective style. 

@livelovelisasimone Love your page! I wanted to go natural so I stopped perming my hair about three years ago. For about the past year I deep condition and flat iron it every week. At this point I want to stop using the heat but I am unsure how to regain my natural curl pattern. Do I have to cut it all? Also, I've noticed a LOT of breakage and a few split ends. Is it necessary to cut your ends? Thank you so much!

Aww!! Thanks babe! I'm so glad you're keen on taking better care of your hair. Heat use can be very damaging to our hair because it denatures the protein structure, making our hair straight. Unfortunately, once the protein in our hair is damaged, we loose our curl pattern and have to chop off the straight ends. This may be the reason your hair is breaking. You'd be better off chopping off a few inches of the damaged hair and giving your hair time to recover. I know it may be daunting, but trust me, you'll be glad you did. 

@queenquila Hello...let me start by saying i love your hair..I'm also a 4c and at times I get discourage being natural because I see so many cute twist outs and different hair styles I want to try out on my natural hair. But because of my texture I have realised I cannot. I have looked at a couple of your YouTube videos and you mentioned you don't use a comb. How do you feel about the denman brush. I hear it's a great brush but I don't want to be bald when using it either. Please advice.

Aww babbbbeeess!! I'm so sorry if you feel discouraged by your hair texture. I felt the same thing when I went natural. I soon realised my hair type is beautiful as well. There are lots of styles 4C girls can wear and some of my favourite are rolls and tucks. You might get some inspo from this section of my blog here. Also, I don't use combs..haha! You got that right! The denman brush could be culprit as well. Honestly, unless I realllllyyy have to brush my hair, I'd rather use my fingers to detangle first. See this YouTube video here for how I detangle my hair.

@selphawanga @cravingyellow what can I do to regain my hairline? The rest of my hair is fine but my hair line is a mess.

Hairlines are super tricky business, I know!! :-/ I have a naturally indented hairline, meaning my hair along the periphery of my face is very light and sparse and forms inward rather than outward-facing "horns" . If you have a hairline like mine, you'll need to review your hair practises. Avoid styles that tag on your edges. Also avoid "laying down" your edges with heavy pomades and gels. The best remedy is simply to let them be. Trust me, with time, they'll recover. :-)

Phew! Now that was a post and a half! *Wipes sweat off brow!* Haha!

Sending you lots and lots of love and sunshine!