I Found Yellow in June 2016 - #CravingHealth Challenge Update!!

Hello July!! 

Where is this year flying to?! I feel like I literally just walked into 2016 and now we're more than halfway through this year. We sure do have lots to be grateful for! 

But before I dig in, how are you keeping? Like really keeping babe?

I just wanted to check in with a quick update on all the little ways I've found yellow this past month. Ya know, hopefully, send some love and sunshine your way. :-) It really is an honor to share my life with you on here on the blog, so thanks for taking the time to share your encouragement, questions and tips!

Yellow to me is love and sunshine. Yellow is all about celebrating life with all its ups and downs. Yellow is choosing to bask in the rays of the golden sun no matter where life's journey leads! 

I found yellow in June 2016. Nah, I really did. And in so many different, random ways! Haha!

1. Prison Break!

I've been hooked aka addicted to watching this series with the boo! Oh my word! Why did I take this long to watch this series?! This show is sooo well scripted! You'll be on the edge of your seat for the length of the entire 4 seasons. It gotten so bad that in my dreams I'm running away with Sarah, Burrows and Scofield! *Hides face in both palms*

2. Teami Tea!

I know, I know! I actually fell in love with these detox teas. Like actually! I've been taking one cup of the Colon Tea once a week. I just love how it energises me. Oh in case you missed my first review, read here. And Teami has graciously offered my readers 10% off with the code CY10 or if you're on snapchat, CYSNAP!! Wohoo!!

3. All sorts of feels!  

I've been feeling lethargic and energetic all at the same time. Let me explain. I've had the chance to reconnect with an old friend of mine after a fall out and I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with her. But at the same time, I've been taking on many new projects and not giving myself enough time to rest. #Adulting Is the balance ever achieved? 

4. Honoring the space between no longer and not yet.

I've been gaining confidence in my strengths and abilities. As I've always said on the blog, I write for myself and for you. Blogging for me is no longer just a hobby, it's a passion. I'm super motivated by all your warm DMs and comments. Thanks for spurring me on. Trust me, I'm human too. I get tired. I doubt myself. I worry. I feel like I'm less than adequate. But I'm learning that it's all part of the journey of life. Keep your head up babe, you're doing just fine. 

5. My #CravingHealth challenge!! 

I've been craving health..whoop whoop! At the start of June, I decided to make a more conscious effort when it comes to all matters health. Be it mental, emotional or physical.

Here's what I've done well:

  1. Sleeping 8 hours a night.
  2. Eating one serving of fresh fruit a day.
  3. Eating one serving of fresh veg a day.
  4. Having 2-3 all natural smoothies a week.

Here's what I could do better:

  1. I only made it to the gym on 12 out of 30 days! *Insert wailing emoji!* Waaaiiillll!! I'm aiming for 15 days this new month of July. #LetsDoThis
  2. I didn't take too much time exploring other creative outlets eg. reading a great book or exploring a new museum.. BUT I did spend some fantastic time with Zak and Simone watching The Conjuring!
  3. I had fries a little too often!! Everyone knows I love fries! But fries don't love my waistline!! :-( So yeah. *Insert side eye emoji* Haha!

Soooo..who's with me? Are we taking our #CravingHealth challenge into the month of July? How was your month of #CravingHealth?

July is off to a fantastic start, I must say!! I have a HIGHLY requested series lined up for ya this coming week AND I managed to squeeze in a fantastic bargain for y'all. If you've been on the hunt for Nupur Henna, worry no more! I've got you sorted - NHA has offered ALL my readers a discount on Nupur Henna. Click here for deets!! (Fist bump!!)

Oh and in the spirit of heart-warming news, be sure to pick up your copy of True Love Magazine East Africa to read more on my hair and blogging journey!! 

Love yourself and be proud of everything you do. Even your mistakes. Your mistakes mean you're trying. Remember to practice gratitude. Be thankful. Count your blessings. In all things expect the best. Give yourself a fighting chance.

I have a feeling July is going to be stellar for you and I!

Sending you lots of love and sunshine!