I Found Yellow in August 2016 (I'm Kinda Emotional Right Now)

There's something about July/August that just doesn't vibe too well with me, or so I'm starting to think. I still remember the "I Found Yellow" post I wrote last year in July. It was full of so many layers and I can't help but notice that a year later, this one is too. 

Oh August 2016, whatever I did to you, please forgive me!

If you've been hanging out with me on Snapchat, you know full well that I've had an eventful past few days, leading to the end of August and the start of this new month. I'm still processing all the emotions I'm going through so I'm not yet ripe to share my cohesive thoughts with you just yet, but I trust that when I do, you'll find some healing for your own struggles as well. In fact, I'm kinda emotional right now, and if it wasn't for this tweet right here that I received this morning, I might have opted for my bed and pushed this post till tomorrow. 

But finding yellow for me isn't about sharing the perfect aspects of my life. In fact, sometimes I freak out and ask myself if I'm even qualified to have over 80,000 people reading this blog every month. Sometimes I lack all the confidence in the world and I want to call it quits. But I keep going, I keep sharing my life with you because I know full well that we are all struggling with one battle or other. I hope that in my weakness and vulnerability, you'll find strength.

September began on an obscure footing, but I'll do my best to dig deep and give thanks for ALL that August was. I believe in pacing myself and in finding yellow - love and sunshine - no matter where life's journey takes me. And while now more than ever, I'm longing for a few warm rays, I'll shine the light I have within with the hopes that it will guide the uncertain path ahead. I'm a little teary and all over the place, but this is where this very day finds me and so I'll be honest with you. 


Here goes: 

1. I found yellow in hanging out with my little cousin, Tamara.

Actually, who am I kidding, she's not so little anymore. She's 15 and absolutely beautiful, strong and intelligent. I still remember baby-sitting her at my parent's house in Lavington. I'd hum the national anthem to her and she'd fall asleep. How the years fly! Who would have known she and I would chasing trains at Southern Cross in Melbourne, Australia? Or chatting at Subway about school and stuff? Life changes so fast. She's such a gem and I'm so proud of the young lady she's becoming. (Fun fact about Tamara and I - she is exactly 10 years younger than me. I was meant to be born on December 14th but came to this world a week early on December 7th. Tamara was born on December 14th, ten years later!)

2. I found yellow in resetting my priorities and making more time to enjoy life.

If you've read this blog for a while, you know full well that I'm pretty much the queen of busy-ness! In just two years, I've moved from Oxford to Washington DC where I completed an 8-week internship. I then packed my bags and headed back to Massachusetts to write my senior thesis and graduate with honours. A few weeks later, I moved half-way across the world to Melbourne, Australia where I've had to learn #adulting at a whole new pace - I've somehow managed to keep my first corporate job and stay financially afloat without the help of my parents. (All that while running this blog!) Should I be exhausted? Yes! And I sure am. August brought sunshine, because it was a month of slowing down. I decided to live on less and have more time on my hands to enjoy the simple pleasures of life including sleeping in on a Monday morning, exercising daily and eating green leafy veggies every single day.

3. I found yellow in friendships that blossomed quickly.

Just when I was beginning to make some amazing friends, life decided it had given me enough time with them. The team I work with has essentially been dissolved. So everyone has had to go off on their own path. Looking back now at the past 10 months of having my current job, I can't help but marvel at just how well we all gelled. Now imagine this: Kenyan girl is best buds with some pretty cool Aussies. It blows my mind. I was soo scared of not fitting in when I first started my job but quite frankly they made it so easy for me. They've been so welcoming and understanding of my background and experiences. Kerry, Cinzia, Lauren, Sally, Bridge, Chloe and Scotty, you've been my angels here in Melbourne and I'll always cherish our friendship! 

4.  I found yellow in two HUGE affirmations I received for the blog. 

The first was working with Melbourne Central. As in, you guys. Melbourne Central. I'm still recovering from all that excitement. As in! EEeeekk! That was a biggie for me. Being able to work on such an exciting project not only got my creative juices going, it made me realise that when I put my best foot forward, my efforts will be recognised. I've learnt to keep faithful in the small things as I keep the dream alive of one day having big things.

The second was being nominated for the OLX Social Media Award for my YouTube channel. Again, what is life? What is happening? Eeekk! This is HUGE for me. To see Craving Yellow listed amongst some long-standing media personalities is a huge affirmation and testament to my passion and the drive behind my blog. I write and vlog because I genuinely want you to feel encouraged and inspired in your own journey. To be nominated for this award is testament to my honest dedication towards my readers. If you'd like to vote, please click here. And then click on Social Network Category and scroll down to YouTube Channel Award.

Phew, writing this post made me feel so much better. I know its a pretty long winded one, and I wonder if I've made any sense at all. But I'm also wondering how you're doing! Hihi! What's keeping you going? What's been difficult? What's been fun? What are you hoping for in this new month? Please please leave me a note down below, let's chat. With me you can totally be yourself! 

September is here, and it has began with some fun nights ahead of Cinzia's wedding in October as well as a new found dedication towards #CravingHealth. I'm hoping for brighter days ahead and I look forward to sharing lots of exciting content with you on the blog. 

Lots of love and sunshine,