How To Use Henna To Grow Long Natural Hair FAST!! (Video Series)

Heya Lovey!

Happy brand new week! How's tricks? 

Let's talk hair, shall we? So over the past few weeks, I've received lots of questions regarding my henna recipe. I'd written a post on this a while back offering my recipe, read it here. But I'd also promised you an updated post earlier on in the year. Yes, it's June so you best believe I've been brewing on it to make sure I offer you the best information on this very wide and often contentious topic. :-)

First things first: many naturalistas have a love/hate relationship with henna. For some it is a staple product and for others it is an absolute no-no. So please keep this in mind as you experiment with henna. I'm sharing with you what I've learnt over the past five years of haircare but there are very many views on this topic so before you delve in be sure to prod around the internet, and tweak the information you get for your hair's lengths and needs. 

I've split this henna series into two: an informational video and a how-to tutorial. Here's what you'll find:

Part 1. Basics on henna: what it is // why it's used on hair // what are the benefits of henna use (strengthening and conditioning hair) // what are the risks of henna use (excessive dryness) // how to distinguish legit henna from fake, chemicalised henna. 

Part 2. How to prepare henna: what tools will you need // how do you mix it in // how do you apply it // how long you should leave it on for // how to take care of your hair post-henna treatment. 

For details on where I buy my henna click here.

For deep conditioners I'd recommend post-henna use, click here. If you'd like to know how to maximise your deep conditioning sessions, click here.  

Now I hope these videos have been informative. Henna is a really wide topic but I've covered the most important aspects you need to keep in mind. If I've left anything out, I'll respond to your questions in the comment section below, so feel free to leave me a note and to read my responses to other questions as they may touch on yours!! :-) 

Oh and if you've used henna frequently, please feel free to share your tips in the comments section as well. (Eg, henna recipes, how long you apply it for, other brands you use and recommend, your experience etc.)

As always, I'm sending you LOTS of and sunshine.