3 Easy Steps To Help You KickStart Your Journey To Longer Natural Hair!

Don’t worry, I totally get it! Nurturing our strands can get monotonous and boring after a while (Yep, I said it! Hair blogger and all, I said it!) Look, I’ve been natural for 5 years now and to be honest, my hair journey has not always been one jolly ride.

In fact, in my third year of natural haircare I came close to applying the creamy crack again. (Yelp!) I was busy in college and quite frankly my hair was the least of my worries. Looking back now, boy am I glad I stayed natural. Slumps are normal but luckily these three tips might help you kickstart your hair journey again.

1. Quit Comparing

Comparison is the thief of joy. Trust me when I say I’ve spent may days wallowing in self-pity over my hair. Haha! It’s very easy to feel texture envy - some naturalistas wish they had coarse rather than fine hair while others wish they had a looser curl pattern. The grass always looks greener on the otherside. BUT rather than wallow in wish-land, take time to embrace YOUR own very unique curls. Appreciate just how far you’ve come - from creamy crack to rocking curls. It’s been a journey I’m sure and there’s lots about your experience that you can be grateful for.

2. Make Time

Now I’ll admit - I’m  preaching to myself here. In between blogging, keeping up my 9-5 and simply living, I’ve found I have less time to nurture my strands. *Face in palms* It’s embarrasing to say. Gone are my uni days when entire Saturdays would be spent pre-pooing then detangling then deep conditioning….GONE! Now I have to squeeze in wash days on Wednesdays and I only have 3 or so hours to complete the process from start to finish. Rather than use one hundred different remedies on my hair, I stick to the basics: cleanse, deep condition, seal and protective style.

3. Engage

Stay connected to the natural hair community. As a blogger, I spend lots of time scouring the internet for hair motivation. In as much as I love hair, I’ve found that I gain more inspiration to blog about my hair journey when I read others’ experiences. The natural hair community is a wealth of knowledge so there’s always something for us to learn everyday. Be sure to follow lots of inspiring Instagram accounts and YouTube channels. A little inspo never hurt nobody! Haha!

And finally be patient with the process. It takes several years to see significant hair growth and health so if you’ve only been on your journey for 2 months, keep at it. Keep consistent and your hair will thank you.

Are you going through a motivation “slump” or have you just been through one? How are you staying motivated? Leave me note down below, I’d love to know!

Love & Sunshine!!