How I Make Freshly Squeezed Juice Using My Favorite Power Foods!

Heya Pretty!

I sure do hope you're having a wonderful day! I’m honestly doing very well – I’ve had a bubble of energy these past two days. I think it’s because I was unwell during the first half of the week.

Speaking of getting our health back on track, I’ve been drawing on four power foods from my pantry! If you saw yesterday’s post and YouTube video, you know why I am utterly OBSESSED with these four foods!! Be sure to click on this link here for more deets. 

But more than just fill you in on how I use these power foods in my day to day health and beauty regimens, I thought I’d show you how exactly I incorporate them in a simple yet effective way: juicing!

I’ve been eager to juice my own fruits for ages now! I thought I’d wait to buy this particular juicer here but cointttt does not grow on trees, so I opted for this version of a juicer instead. Quite frankly, I’m rather pleased with my results!!

I don’t want to spill the juicy deets (quite literally!) just yet, so suss this YouTube video and let me know your thoughts!!

Oh and one little note: 

I pretty much finished my 30 Detox Tea Program with Teami Tea Blends. See my initial review here. I LOVED these teas – I will definitely be purchasing them and recommending them for anyone who’s looking to seriously detox using safe, high quality products!! If you’re keen, I hustled a discount code for ya : CY10! (For a special 15% off on Valentine's Day, use the code CYVDAY)

Do you juice? If so, what ingredients do you regularly reach for? I’d love to know, so feel free to leave me a note down below!

Love and SUNSHINE!