The PERFECT Clip-In Extensions for Type 4 Hair: Her Given Hair Review!!

Heya Pretty! 

I hope you've had a fantastic week! I sure have - I've been super busy but I couldn't be more grateful for what life has freely gifted me. 

In today's post I am serving some hot tea! Peoooppllleee! THIS HAIR is not my hair. Hahah! You read that right. This is not my real hair! These are clip-in extensions that I received from Her Given Hair. I've already debuted them on the blog in my Lovisa Wedding Lookbooks which you can read more about here. So yes, these are already a staple for me!

Why clip-ins? Rather than wigs or weaves? 

1. Ease. 

As you'll see shortly in my YouTube unboxing, clip-ins are EASY to install. I love that I can wake up with frizzy hair and walk out my front door, two minutes later looking fab! 

2. Very very low manipulation. 

Rather than sew in or glue down your regular extensions, with clip-ins, all you need to do is, well, clip them in! It's that simple. The best thing about this is that you can give your hair a break from manipulation. The less you manipulate your hair, the better its overall health in the long run. 

3. Styling options.

As you'll see shortly in my YouTube unboxing, clip-ins have a lot of versatility. I LOVE top bun styles so in my second video, I'm showing you exactly how I style my clip-ins! 

Why Her Given Hair?

1. Great Quality Hair. 

This hair. I can't. People. You actually need to run your fingers through this hair for yourself. It's very very high quality and has not shed a single strand! #Winning

2. Response to Customer Queries

The team at Her Given Hair have literally crafted their hair based on customer feedback. Now this for me is a big YES! I greatly appreciate companies that have taken the time to understand my hair's needs! 

3. Caters almost exclusively to 3B- 4C Naturals!! 

Need I say more? Need I say more about this? We all know how grossly under-represented our curl pattern is in the beauty industry, so yes, all types of yes for Her Given Hair for thinking about us kinky/curly naturals! 

Let's dig into this hair shall we? 

1. How I unbox, wash and style my clip-ins:

2. Two simple top-bun styles....#slayage :-) 

And now of course, for a few shameless, close-up photos of #TheSlayage because #TheVanityIsReal! Hihi! :-)

As always, I'm sending you lots and lots of love and sunshine,