Hair Update: How I'm Adjusting My Regimen in 2016 (Video)!!

Heya Pretty! 

I sure do hope you are doing well!! Just thought I'd give you an update on what's changed about my haircare regimen in 2016. As I've always said, natural haircare isn't about following a strict regimen blindly, rather it's about adjusting and responding to our hair's needs. 

Just like the rest of your body, your hair is prone to environmental factors. A change of weather, pace or diet shows on our hair too! That means that we have to always be aware of how our hair is reacting to changes in our lives. Adjusting my regimen to my hair's needs over the years has been a key reason why I've retained length as I've moved around the world, and as my hair has grown longer. 

Here's what's changed about my hair:

1. It's super dry!! AAAhhh! Picture a crackling fire in the Sahara, now picture my hair. Yes, that's how bad its been. It must be the summer heat but my hair and scalp have been quite moody the past few weeks. 

2. I've been wearing my hair out lots more. I've been rocking twist outs and low buns rather than my two strand twists. This has also contributed to my hair's dryness. Bleh! 

3. My hair is a lot longer and therefore more prone to tangles and knots. I have to be super super gentle with it now more than ever as I'm keen on getting past 20 inches this year. More on this soon. 

Here's what's changed about my regimen: 

1. My weekly routine is lots shorter. Gone are the days when I could spend 6 hours of my weekend just tending to my strands! I've let go (at least temporarily) of some filler steps in my regimen. Now I focus on cleansing using apple cider vinegar, deep conditioning as normal and detangling thoroughly. Look out for a detailed post soon.

2. I've been using henna more frequently. I discovered THE GREATEST henna brand EVER! I'll also share this really soon, so hang in there my fellow henna heads! :-)

3. I'm preferring wet detangling rather than dry detangling. In other words, rather than detangle my hair post wash day when it's dry, I'm finding that it's easier to detangle my hair right after I deep condition. It takes less time and I have less breakage. Again, look out for a video on this very soon.

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Has your hair regimen changed for 2016? If so, why and how? Leave me a note down below! :-)

Love & Sunshine,