Boucleme Hair Products (Snapchat Unboxing & First Impressions Video)!!

Heya Pretty! 

I sure do hope you are full of sunshine this glorious day! It's the 16th of January, and what a wonderful time it is to be alive. I've had a long but productive day and I'm super glad that I get to sit down and share all my musings with you now. (Best believe this time right now is one of my absolute faves in my day!! :-) ) 

Phew! Let's get to it, shall we? 

I received Boucleme's travel set in the mail a few days ago and I'm IN LOVE! I told myself that I'd try out a few more hair products this year and Boucleme's line sure is the perfect place to start. Boucleme is a UK based line specifically formulated for wavy to curly hair (what a perfect fit for me, as a girl with curly hair. And yes, my UK naturalistas, I hear you clapping and snapping! Haha!)

Anyway, Boucleme is premiering their range on Ayla Beauty, an online beauty retailer who carries clean, non-toxic products from around the world. Ayla Beauty offers lots of non-toxic and natural solutions to skincare issues, so be sure to scan their site for lots of wonderful options! 

Here's what I know about Boucleme's range: 

1. The non-foaming Curl Cleanser gently cleanses the scalp and hair without upsetting the natural moisture balance.

2. The Curl Conditioner can be used as both a leave-in and wash-out conditioner, meaning that you can apply it to your hair and leave it for maximum hydration, or you can wash out and seal as usual. I love products that allow me to switch things up as per my hair's needs. 

3. The Curl Defining Gel is great for twist outs or braid outs and can be applied on wet or dry hair. You can use it for maximum definition or simply just to give your curls a little oomph! 

Here's what I love about Boucleme so far:

1. Great customer care and service. Honestly, I received my package in the blink of an eye. Super duper fast shipping! 

2. Their packaging is chic. I love the clean, simplicity of their bottles. Their choice of mellow colours somehow has a very calming effect on me - just what I need for my hair pampering sessions.

3. The products themselves are exquisitely scented. I love to be able to smell my hair after wash day. Boucleme's line is very cleanly scented. Their products have a minty, buttery and refreshing texture. Yum! 

A very special bonus point, that's already winning me over to Boucleme:

They have 0% sulphates, silicones and parabens! Their ingredients list includes aloe leaf extract, argan oil, coconut oil, and natural pure essential oils like sweet orange, grapefruit, may chang, patchouli, magnolia and rosemary oils, but to name a few. I only buy and use products with ingredients I can read and that goes for my hair, face and body. 

Here's my Snapchat Unboxing & First Impressions Video. (Pst- be sure to check me out on Snapchat: CravingYellow, I share lots of musings and hair tips on there too! ;-) 

I can't wait to use and review these products. I have a feeling they'll meet and surpass my expectations. Feel free to grab some yourself by ordering here. 

Sending you lots of LOVE & SUNSHINE!