A Cute Hair Accessory & Some Mid-Week Inspiration!!

Heya Pretty!! 

I sure do hope your week is off to a great start! I'm hanging in there - I'm feeling pretty spent, it's 8.21pm in Melbourne, but I picked myself out of my feelings and decided to check in with you right here on the blog - we can sit, chat, gossip, heck even watch a damn series together if you'd like! (Tweet me your favourite TV series here!)

But before we get into our silly, random shenanigans, I just thought I'd share this simple, chic look with you. It's amazing how much some cute lighting and a great background can bring out the Naomi Campbell in me! Hahaha! You should have seen me: flash, pose, flash, smize, flash, giggle! Let's just say girls love cameras and cute little hair accessories! Hahaha!

For today's look I wore a simple flower band in a roll and tuck style. (Click here for some really cute and chic flower bands.) I then chucked on some complimentary yellow, beaded,  Maasai earrings that I've had for yeaaarrrssss!!! And to steady my look, I threw on some MAC Smoked Purple - I love how this lippie says girly with a tinge of grunge! 

Cute hair accessories aside, how you keeping? How's tricks? What's kicking? 

I thought I'd also share some really cool quotes that are inspiring me through this week! Now it's Wednesday. I know. It's that time of the week when your muscles are starting to ache, just a little. You've pushed through Monday and Tuesday and now you're planning your weekend. It's so close, yet so far! Arghh! Girl, I get you! Hahah! 

Here's some inspo just for you: 

Right where you are is where you need to be. Don't fight it! Breathe. Relax. You're doing great!

Rather than beating yourself up for what you're not doing, appreciate & celebrate that which you are doing well. Learn to count your blessings and your accomplishments one by one. Be patient and be kind to yourself. 

By lifting your thoughts and your mind you affirm yourself. You let go all negative beliefs about yourself and others. Breathe and speak buoyancy, life, progress, fulfilment and energy into your being. Forgive yourself, forgive others. Let go. Allow yourself to be free. 

And above all shine brightly, do not let your light be dim for you, you my dear, have been divinely gifted like no other. You are precious. You are unique. You are beautiful. 

Sending you lots of love and sunshine,