Craving Yellow X Melbourne Central: A Lesson From Typo On Falling In Love

I've fallen in love with my new hometown, Melbourne. But I'll tell you this, when I first met Melbourne, I was not overly impressed. Its drab and moody winter were my welcome to the land down under and its haphazard layout of double-story buildings lacked the grandeur and glory of shiny, urban skyscrapers.

I’d gotten used to the stature of Washington, DC: authoritative, organised and deeply contentious. I’d heard the distinct beats of grimy New York: vibrant, ambitious and fast-paced. I’d felt comfortable in dreamy Williamstown: well-manicured spring gardens, white-washed cabins and picture-perfect picket fences. 

And now, Melbourne. 

Graffiti on walls and tram tracks on the road. Sleepy and slow-paced but not like a sleeping giant coming out of a sweet slumber. No, Melbourne felt almost drowsy...heaving, but resolved and content with its achievements.

But I've peeled back its façade and began to appreciate it like the delicate piece of contemporary art that it is. Deliberately rugged, erratic and passionately crafted.

Melbourne is that kid you ignore in Uni until you realise he’s a grade-A student who wears designer shoes every single day.  Think Mark Zuckerberg’s brilliance and understated demeanour. Now hold on to that thought and add to it a dash of Kanye West’s unabashed counter-culturalism.  You’d look down upon Melbourne, sat in the library in his (tastefully) tattered clothing until you realise his shirt is worth $5000.

Oh Melbourne. I’ve learned to put some respekkk on your name. 

Melbourne. Individuals clad in dark, sombre clothing. Bobs and babes with blonde bangs. Clad to the gawds.

Melbourne. Each coffee shop has just enough space for a handful of dwellers. Stingy, yes. But in the very same breath, most generous and personable.

Melbourne. The smaller, cozier and more obtuse, the better. Boutique exclusivity is the order of the day.

Melbourne is confident, rustic and warm. It’s a musty, woody cologne on a well-seasoned, middle-aged gentleman. Its scents and flavors take a while to get used to but once you get sucked in, there’s no turning back. You too acquire the accents of this 181-year old city. 

You’ll prefer the finer things in life like leather, saddle sling bags, rose-gold, vanilla-scented candles and patterened notebooks from Typo in Melbourne Central.

And so this post here is a celebration of yet another day in my new found hometown, Melbourne.

Oh Melbourne. I’m so glad I’ve been found by you. I can’t wait to unravel your treasures.

Oh and watch my Melbourne Central shopping vlog here to see more of my favourite beauty stores!

Love & Sunshine, 


*"My Favourite Things" series is sponsored by Melbourne Central."